About Us

What is Magnifissance?

Magnifissance is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to improving people’s quality of life. Inspired by traditional cultures of the East and the West, Magnifissance strives to bring back classic aesthetics and traditional techniques in art, architecture, fashion, food, and wellness. 

What does Magnifissance do?

Magnifissance connects you to a world that has been mostly forgotten in our busy modern life. It is a world where timeless beauty and traditional wisdom are celebrated, where stories of legends are told, and where life’s small happinesses are cherished.   

Our Vision

We believe that the world we live in should be simple, honest, and beautiful. People live in harmony with themselves, with nature, and with each other. They appreciate arts and culture. They value quality over fads. They seek positive energy and timeless beauty. They are wise and courageous, curious and adventurous. Most importantly, they are forever on a quest to return to their magnificent, true self. Welcome to the world of Magnifissance!

Who We are

We are life enthusiasts, purveyors of traditional crafts and techniques. Helping people stay connected to a happy and beautiful life is our passion.  And this journey starts from relishing life’s simple joys and small happinesses. We are editors, artists, designers, stylists, and doctors working for you around the world.  We are also meditators, volunteers, cultural ambassadors, and lifestyle aficionados trying to make a difference in our communities. 

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