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11 Inspiring Horse Decor Objects

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Strong, noble, and graceful, horses have bonded with us since ancient times. People throughout history have been drawn to the animals’ powerful movements yet often gentle dispositions.

Horses have been both forms of transportation and sources of creative inspiration. Their dynamic silhouettes prance, rear, and gallop through countless historical masterpieces. 

Examples include the One Hundred Horses painting from China’s Qing Dynasty and the many depictions of Napoleon’s famous stallion, Marengo.

For this article, we chose 11 remarkable, beautifully crafted horse decor objects—sculptures, paintings, and objets d’art bound to spark joy in any horse lover’s heart.

A Sterling Silver Stallion

Sterling Silver Stallion

London’s Grant Macdonald Silversmiths was founded by Grant Macdonald, one of the most influential silversmiths of his generation. MacDonald first learned the craft at the age of 14, spending the next five decades forging the success of his business. This hand chased horse is beautifully sculpted from fine sterling silver and is mounted on a green malachite stone base. Only 15 limited editions of this stunning piece are available.
A Sculpted Bronze Beauty

Sculpted Bronze Beauty

Italian Fonderia Artistica Ruocco has been forging bronze creations since 1970, using casting techniques passed down for generations. Like the foundry’s other pieces, this Wild Horse statue with a green patina is made entirely in its Italian studio, first with a wax form, then cast in molten bronze. The gleaming bronze horse is captured in the act of gently stomping its hoof on a base of golden earth, its pose imparting a sense of peace and wonder to the viewer.
An Exquisite Crystal Horse Vase

Exquisite Crystal Horse Vase

Founded by René Lalique in 1888, the glassmaking brand Lalique is renowned for its esteemed glass masters and exquisite crystal creations. The Equus vase, available in a limited edition of 999 pieces, is a magnificent example of the signature Lalique savoir-faire. A herd of wild horses circles the vessel in a brilliant crystal composition that showcases the animals’ movement and sense of freedom through their wind-whipped manes.
A Porcelain Horse with Oriental Tradition

Porcelain Horse with Oriental Tradition

Iconic Spanish brand Lladro was built by three brothers who began crafting plates, vases, and ceramic figurines in their village of Almàssera in 1953. This limited edition sculpture is inspired by the traditional art of China’s Tang Dynasty. The oriental horse figure is crafted from white brillode porcelain, showing the colorful enamel tack typical of the upper classes of the time period. The horse is balanced on three legs in a mastery of technical composition.
A Silver Arabian with French Heritage

Silver Arabian with French Heritage

France’s Maison Christofle has been renowned for its “living treasures” since 1830. Its refined art and decor objects are handmade by craftsmen preserving the heritage of their trades. The sterling silver Arabian horse figure, available in a limited edition of only 20 pieces, is exclusively handmade in Christofle’s Haute Orfèvrerie workshop. Chasing and patina highlight the purebred horse’s strength and stature as it stands proudly on a brass base with a black patina finish.
A Horse of Murano Glass

Horse of Murano Glass

Family-run business Zanetti Murano was founded in 1956, using traditional Murano glassmaking techniques handed down for four generations. The exquisite Northern Light glass horse reflects owner Oscar Zanetti’s passion for naturalistic subjects and his drive for creative innovation. The sculpture—displaying a horse’s powerful stance—is made from glass hued with a charcoal gradient effect and is finished with a delicate, golden-tinged mane and tail.
Sculpture with a Steampunk Edge

Sculpture with a Steampunk Edge

Dutch artist Frans van Straaten is known for his dynamic bronze sculptures evoking a sense of motion and energy. This playful, wild horse silhouette in a dark antique bronze finish straddles tradition and originality, bringing a steampunk look to the animal’s realistic anatomy.
A Weighty Leather Horse

Weighty Leather Horse

Since Thierry Hermès opened his first Paris workshop in 1837, luxury brand Hermès has upheld its reputation for some of the world’s most coveted luxury goods and elegant accessories. The Samarcande Sculpture is a nod to the brand’s strong equestrian legacy. A graceful horse head is crafted in rich Milo lambskin on a “Hermès Paris” stamped base. It’s a stunning piece, whether used as a paperweight or stand-alone desk decor.
A Whimsical Desk Organizer

Whimsical Desk Organizer

Umbria-based brand Bottega Conticelli was founded in 2007 by artist and designer Stefano Conticelli with the vision of producing handmade designer accessories with an eclectic spirit. Inspired by children’s toys, the rocking horse has become the brand’s symbol, taking on a grown-up persona in this creative correspondence organizer. A set of three rocking horses is crafted in leather, featuring a series of slits for holding letters and writing accessories that are sure to inspire the user.
A Gilded Book for the Horse-Loving Reader

Gilded Book for the Horse-Loving Reader

Known for their iconic 24-karat gold covers, D’ORO Collection books are created in the publisher’s artisan workshops in Rome. The Golden Horses Volume is a beautiful tribute to the equestrian world, exploring the relationship between horse and man through a collection of historical poems and legends, alongside stunning illustrations. The volume is entirely handmade using artisan paper stitched by master craftsmen who used wooden frames typical of the Middle Ages. The gilded covers are made with silk-lined red leather, showcasing dimensional horse reliefs.
Antique Prints with Rococo Flair

Antique Prints with Rococo Flair

A European aristocrat and avid equestrian, Friedrich Wilhelm, also known as Baron Rais d’Eisenberg, has written numerous works dedicated to France’s King Louis XIV. This set of seven hand-colored horse prints, originating from Germany circa 1747, was taken from Wilhelm’s book, Description du Manège Moderne. The Rococo-style prints feature cherry parcel gilt frames, making an elegant addition to a traditional sitting room, office, or library.


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