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Best Christmas Ornaments

40 Beautiful Christmas Ornaments to Decorate Your Home With Cheer

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Decorating your Christmas with the best tree ornaments is a cherished ritual. Add a little ball to your Christmas tree each year with something meaningful. The beautiful Christmas ornaments make wonderful gifts for the people in your life. Every item on this list of 40 unique and best Christmas ornaments is sure to make your 2021 holiday merry and bright.

Adorable Sheep Ornament Set

These handmade needle-felted sheep ornaments add woolly whimsy to your Christmas tree. This pair has all the rustic charm of a flock grazing on a hillside, complete with bells so the shepherd can guide them home.

Rustic Elegance Made of Recycled Cotton

This set of six ornaments adds some rustic elegance to the Christmas tree. They are handmade from recycled cotton fabric with jute string loops and touches of gold. The simple design will add a new tone to your Christmas decor.
Treg Silkwood: Autumn Treasure

Tinted Glass Christmas Balls

There is something magical about finding a perfect acorn in the woods, and these blown-glass balls evoke the wonder we feel. Beautifully tinted glass and careful details make this your best Christmas ornaments of seasonal celebration.

Show-Stopping Glass Ornaments

What a show-stopping piece of artwork! With its bright colours and almost impossibly long tail, the glass quetzal can hang anywhere in your home for a flight of holiday splendour that will draw everyone’s eyes to it.

Joyous Orange Christmas Ornaments

Who doesn’t associate the tangy smell of freshly peeled orange with Christmas? Winter is the high time of citrus delight, and this velvet orange ornaments will brighten your holidays and be your best Christmas ornaments.
Greggio: Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls with Silver Filigree

You can choose from a uniform set or have ten individual hand-blown glass Christmas balls decorated with silver filigree. Their elegance is timeless and they will hang with delicate shimmers, reflecting the lights from your tree.

Special Ice Glass Bell

Watch these elegant recycled glass bells sparkle with their special crackle finish. Known as ice glass, the technique of dipping molten glass into ice water creates this effect that will be mesmerizingly lovely on your tree.

Beautiful Christmas Angel

Truly beautiful, these little macramé angel ornaments have a delicate radiance that adds something ethereal to your Christmas tree.
Paint My Dream: Set of three Christmas baubles

Cheerful Christmas Balls

It’s impossible not to smile when you see these ceramic baubles with their friendly nordic gnomes peeking out. Pretty and fun, these ornaments remind us that Christmas is a time of magic.

Best Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Imagine this vintage-style bead ball shimmering on your tree, catching the lights from the tree, it practically glows. Crocheted with Czech beads, this is a perfect handmade addition to your own tree or a gorgeous gift for someone else’s.
Zanetto: Gold Pictures Christmas Ball Ornament—set of 2

Glamorous Gold Christmas Balls

Gold is synonymous with Christmas, one the three gifts of the wise men. These best gold Christmas ornaments are crafted in Italy with a hand-hammered gold finish.
Ceramiche Santalucia: Multicolor Floral Christmas Ball

Vintage Floral Christmas Balls

This dainty Christmas ball is handmade in the Abruzzese ceramic manufacturing tradition. It recalls the 16th century technique of hand-painting bright colours on opaque white glaze.
Les Ottomans: Hand Painted Christmas ball

Hand Painted Christmas ball

Every Christmas tree needs a few one-of-a-kind pieces. This unique, hand-painted ceramic Christmas ball from Italy will be a treasured part of any ornament collection.

Bells of Christmas Ornaments

These large iron bells with intricate patterning are full of charm. They harken to the joyous bells of Christmas and the exuberance of festive cheer.
Anthropologie: Watercolour Glass Tree Decoration

Watercolour Christmas Balls

The medium is the message, and the message here is delicacy. These glass balls are mesmerizingly beautiful in its pale watercolour shades, reminiscent of light reflecting on snow.
Johann Wanner: Glass Bird

Unique Glass Bird Ornament

There is something so friendly about this little glass bird. Sitting atop a branch looking cheerful and alert, you’ll cherish this ornament every time it catches your eye.
Glass of Venice: Murano Glass Christmas Tree Ball

Best Murano Glass Christmas Tree Ball

Inside this transparent Venetian glass ball there is a sweet glass Christmas tree complete with decorations and star. As this ball turns gently on its branch, you can catch a glimpse of its little tree from all angles.
Danforth Pewter: Complete Mini Bell Collection

Stunning Mini Bell Ornaments

“On the twelve days of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” one bell for each of the twelve gifts in the famous carol! Each of these mini bells is engraved with an image of one of those gifts, from the partridge in a pear tree to the twelve drummers drumming.
La Rochère: Christmas ball

Hand-made Christmas Balls

A texture of fine craftsmanship covers these intricately made glass balls. Their understated beauty will complement any tree design.
Orrefors: 2021 Annual Christmas Ornament

2021 Annual Christmas Ornament

This Swedish-made glass icicle is engraved with the year 2021. The commemorative collector’s ornament transports us to northern forests twinkling with frost, ice, and snow.
Blenko: Fall Suncatcher Set

Beautiful Suncatchers

These three hanging ornaments or suncatchers capture the colours and motifs of autumn. They add flair to your decorations with their bright and warm colors.

Lightful Red Christmas Balls

This is a spectrum of light and colour. From palest pink to richest crimson, this set of 5 mouth-blown glass balls is coordinated in perfect harmony and can be your best Christmas ornaments!
Villeroy & Boch: Nostalgic Ornaments 3-Piece

Nostalgic Christmas Ornaments

This alluring set of ornaments reminds us of childhood memories. Let them add sweetness to your holiday with their coziness and charm.

Waterford Crystal Bell Ornament

This lovely glass bell resounds with beauty and brilliance as light gleams through Waterford’s iconic Lismore pattern. The transparent cranberry-coloured crystal bell is your best shimmering Christmas ornaments.
Swarovski: Large Star Bell Ornament

Swarovski Star Christmas Ornament

With legendary Swarovski sparkle, this bell is handmade mouth-blown glass. Each glitzy star is hand-glued, making them truly special and best Christmas ornaments.
Fieldstone Artistry: Holiday Ornaments

Special Wood Ornaments

Choose between rosewood and birch, or walnut and paduk, for one of these unique solid wood Christmas tree ornaments. Each one is handmade using locally sourced wood, and these are simple yet elegant style statements.
Wooden Alchemy: Moose Ornament

Whimsical Moose Ornaments

Quaint and whimsical, this affordable wooden ornament is deceptively simple in its styling. Take a closer look and enjoy the level of detail lovingly crafted into its Northern forest scenery.

3-Bell Christmas Ornaments

Ring the chimes with this triad of bells delicately hung inside their wooden tree-shaped frame. Unique, simple, and beautiful, this ornament is perfect for holiday celebrations.
Steve Scherer: Bluebird

Delightful Bluebird Balls

This delightful and intricate ball perfectly captures the pleasure spirits of blue birds.  Decorate your tree with one of these best Christmas ornaments.
Dolivo: Olive Wood Complete Set

Olive Wood Ornaments

What could be better than this set of 10 handmade olive wood Christmas ornaments? The different shapes are united by the lustre and colour of the wood. Hang all ten on your tree and step back to admire the harmonious effect.
Nambé: Annual Dated Ornament 2021

Annual Dated Ornament 2021

Nambé has created a special annual ornament since 1984. This year’s creation epitomizes simplicity and elegance. Imagine these three trees rotating slowly on their axis, reflecting the lights of Christmas.
Made Solid: Nigerian Brass Goat Bell

Nigerian Brass Bell

Rustic, beautiful, and honest, these bells are hand-forged in Nigeria .Their rough-hewn design recalls the humble setting of the original Christmas story.
Kingston Glass Studio: Drop

Glass Drop Ornaments

These elegant glass drops are available in a variety of colours. Hang the ornament in your window to catch the light, or decorate your tree with several for a tantalizing illusion of slow-moving droplets.
Al The Wood Turner: Christmas Tree Ornament

Al The Wood Turner: Christmas Tree Ornaments

Admire this little tree inside its wooden globe from any angle. The elegance of this ornament lies in the icicle shape, and its design is deceptively simple yet undeniably lovely.
By Kauri: Letter Ornament

Hammered-Copper Ornaments

These affordable hammered-copper wire letters will make perfect gifts for your family or friends. Give them the first initial of their name or spell out a meaningful word with these clever ornaments.
Halcyon Days: 2021 Christmas Bauble

Halcyon Days: 2021 Christmas Balls

The enthusiasm of the revellers on this Christmas ball is catching. The cheerful winter scene captures the celebratory fun we all feel at Christmas. Hang this on your tree and everyone will smile.
Gisela Graham: Star Decoration with Jewelry

Star Decoration with Jewelry

These bejewelled stars come as a set of 4. Hang them somewhere to dazzle with reflected light and brighten up your decor.
Amara: Tree and Snowflake Fir Decoration

Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

This set of 2 pastel-coloured ornaments is quietly beautiful. The jewels sparkle without dazzling, and the whole design feels tranquil. To see such lovely ornaments on display can make us pause and revel in the peace and joy of Christmas.

Pine Cone Ornaments

The bees add a nice touch to these two honey-coloured decorations. The humble pine cone is transfigured, becoming a subtly sparkled ornament of magical delight.
CB2: Textured Metallic Icicle Ornaments Set of 6

CB2: Textured Metallic Icicle Ornaments Set of 6

This set of hand-cast glass icicles comes in 3 harmonious colours, and together they add that little bit of extra sparkle to your tree. Their classy design perfectly sets a beautiful wintry scene.


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