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Hidden Haven

Enveloped by the garden’s serene beauty, time slows to a still, the melodic sounds of nature soothing the mind and the sweet air nurturing the soul.

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Walking up to the wood door
Knocking the bronze ring handle
A welcoming voice beckons from within

Sleeveless linen dress by Subtle Simple. Emerald Armonia Clutch by Benedetta Bruzziches.


A cup of fragrant tea to savour in the garden
Rain begins to fall like rolling beads of jade
Shimmering on the lotus flower

Stand-up collar coat by FuZang.


In the sun-dappled shade and emerald vines
She stands in a moment of solitude
The squirrel’s playful antics brightening her smile

Hooded robe by FuZang


Across the pond’s softly glimmering surface
A ripple, the crisp breeze smelling of fall
A splash, the sun’s rays igniting golden red scales

Sleeveless blue dress by FuZang


A creak of the old wooden gate
The ring of wind chimes floats through the quiet
A bird’s sweet song joins from the treetops

V-neck blue robe by FuZang


As the sun rolls towards its glowing finale
Game pieces slide across the board
A peaceful ritual to welcome evening’s coming

White dress with silk scarf by FuZang
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Inspired for a Beautiful Life

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