Nordic Reflections The Mesmerizing Beauty of Iceland Stars in Louis Vuitton’s New Art of Travel Campaign

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Nordic Reflections The Mesmerizing Beauty of Iceland Stars in Louis Vuitton’s New Art of Travel Campaign

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When Louis Vuitton, French designer and former trunk-maker to the emperor, founded his luxury leather goods label in 1854, his passion for travel and adventure was at the forefront of what would become the legendary Vuitton brand.

From iconic trunks to daring designs, the house has built its immense legacy on Vuitton’s “Art of Travel” philosophy. Since the 1980s, the brand’s bold campaigns have been paying tribute to Vuitton’s adventurous spirit, spanning unexpected locales all over the world, immortalized by globetrotting photographers in timeless, captivating visual statements.

This year, the Art of Travel has taken the 2020 Louis Vuitton brand campaign to the outskirts of Northern Europe—the enigmatic Nordic island of Iceland, dubbed the Land of Fire and Ice for its dramatically sprawling landscapes and striking geography. A local production team, led by legendary Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, brings to life a personal journey of imagination, curiosity, and self-discovery, revealed in a visual voyage through Iceland’s majestic scenery.

The photographs transport viewers to a mythical, dreamlike setting, tinged with a mist of surrealism. The snapshots frame the contrasting lights and darks of Iceland’s unique features: arresting black sand beaches, crystalline glacier lakes, sparkling snowy plains and mysterious lava caves. At the forefront, playful schoolchildren emerge in a carefree frolic, awash in rays of gentle light.

Seen through their eyes, a lens of childhood innocence and magic transforms Vuitton’s signature pieces into whimsical visions: an Eiffel Tower composed of Alzer trunks, musical hat box tambourines, giant trunk keys parading along the coast.

Surrounded by towering ice-capped mountains reflecting in the water’s blue-grey depths, the images convey a sense of getting lost in a serene reverie. A child’s pure unadulterated joy; the pristine, unbridled beauty of the land; and the masterful photographic compositions combine to impart the core values behind Louis Vuitton’s nomadic inspiration: a voyage that transcends physical destinations to bring forth self-revelation, emotional discovery, and unbounded optimism for what lies ahead.

The imaginative campaign will be unveiled in magazines across the globe starting October 31.

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