See The Painting Through The Window

Experience the beauty of traditional Asian architecture and importance of windows in connecting the outside and inside worlds.

In traditional Asian architecture, windows are more than a source for natural light and fresh air; they act as a “picture frame” for the world outside by outlining a beautiful image of the world for the homeowners inside. Windows also serves as poetic décor on the view of the building from the outside, completing the connection between the two worlds.

Windows are like the eyes of a building through which we experience the spirit and charm of the architect and remind us that the way we see the world depends on the angle of our viewpoint. As Buddha said: “What you think, you become.What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

We’ve selected some beautiful photos for you to enjoy the view through some classic Asian window designs.

See The Painting Through The Window
Green leaves budding rouge smile, comes to stand by my window, we chat with glass in-between Feeling spring.
Garden in Suzhou Photography by Mr. Tao


By framing a branch of flowers outside, this window inspires the imagination. Window in A Temple in JiangNan. Photography by Tangshi Su
Geometric Pattern windows are like a painting on the wall.
The perforated window with ornamental patterns creates mysterious “leaking scenery”.  As you move through the room and as the sun moves through the day, the scenes shift and move as well.
The opening window at Five Mountain Peak Garden in Suzhou. The ornate window frame at the top makes it look like a tailor-made picture frame and captures the vistas beyond perfectly. Photography by Mr. Tao
The massive wooden Wall at Water Moon Monastery in Taiwan is entirely covered with a sacred scripture. As the sunlight shines through the carved-out Chinese characters of the Heart Sutra, the poetic wisdom is projected onto the interior surface, taking the role of “window” to another level by transforming the outside light with literal meaning. Photography by Jeffrey Cheng
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