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11 Must-Know Canadian Chocolatiers

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For Valentine’s Day, a handmade edible work of art from an exceptional chocolatier is a gift of love. In this list of remarkable Canadian chocolatiers, we feature chocolate artists who are creating delectable and surprising chocolates. From jewellery-shaped chocolate creations to unusual flavours created from locally-sourced ingredients, our picks feature some of Canada’s finest chocolatiers. They are sure to delight you this Valentine’s Day.  

Centre & Main

Centre-and-Main - canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Small-batch chocolate with locally-sourced flavours 

Based in: Warkworth, Canada 

A passion for combining locally sourced ingredients with the finest ethically produced chocolate sets Canadian chocolatier Angela Roest apart. Roest was formally trained at the world-renowned Chocolate Academy in Montreal. She combines her training with vision and imagination to create truly unique flavours. Roest collaborates with many farmers and producers and her local ingredients include saffron, honey, and various herbs. 

Brockmann Chocolate

Brockmann-Chocolate - canadian chocolatiers
Signature: Premium chocolate truffles made with traditional expertise

Based in: Vancouver, Canada 

The story of Brockmann Chocolate began with the opening of a confectionery shop in Munich, Germany in the 1930s. In the 1980s, the Brockmann tradition came to Canada when the second generation of confectioners opened the Brockmann Tea Room in Vancouver. As its reputation grew, the family business began to produce chocolates for local businesses and hotels. Now a third-generation chocolatier, Brockmann continues its commitment to fresh and natural ingredients.  

Sweet Lollapalooza

Sweet-Lollapalooza - canadian chocolatiers
Signature: Chocolates made daily with fresh ingredients 

Based in: Edmonton, Canada 

Rare chocolate handmade daily from the fresh and fine ingredients, these are the trademarks of Edmonton’s Sweet Lollapalooza. Eschewing preservatives, extra sugars, and additives that give mass-produced chocolate a longer shelf life, Sweet Lollapalooza takes pride in its fresh chocolate. The Canadian chocolatier has direct trade relationships with Pure Nacional from Peru, the grower of the world’s rarest chocolate, which is only available through Sweet Lollapalooza.  

Chocolat de Kat

Chocolat-de-Kat - canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Tiny works of edible art

Based in: Toronto, Canada 

With exquisite attention to detail, Canadian chocolatier Kata Ambrus designs, shells, fills, caps and hand-paints her tiny works of chocolate art. She takes pride in her small-batch creations and gains immeasurable pleasure from the limitless possibilities of chocolate making. Her goal is to produce fabulous, authentic flavours. 

Christopher Norman

Christopher Norman - canadian chocolatiers
Signature: Stunning Canadian chocolate art

Based in: British Columbia, Canada  

When John Down converted his Lower East Side New York City painting studio into a chocolate boutique in the 1990s, Christopher Norman Chocolates was born. Now based in British Columbia, Down uses his artistic training and expertise to make stunning works of art out of chocolate. He produces remarkable edible compositions such as chocolate diamonds, necklaces, Christmas ornaments, and a host of other decorative delights. 

Laura Slack

Laura-Slack - canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Beautiful handmade chocolate 

Based in: Toronto, Canada 

As a child, Laura Slack was an enthusiastic baker. She followed this passion and perfected her skills through an impressive blend of formal education and practical experience. Today she sells her gorgeous chocolate truffles through fine food emporiums such as McEwan Foods and Holt Renfrew. Every detail of her hand-painted, and hand-tempered creations provides a unique chocolate experience. Even the packaging is a unique work of art. 

The Chocolate Lab

The-Chocolate-Lab - canadian chocolatiers
Signature: Adventurous chocolate experiences 

Based in: Calgary, Canada 

The goal of The Chocolate Lab is to provide an adventurous, youthful experience through unique chocolate creations. Each confection has its own personality, aimed to delight and kindle fun-loving facets of the recipients’ personalities. There are over 30 available flavours at any given time, so there’s sure to be something for everyone’s adventurous taste palates this Valentine’s Day. 


Nadège-1 - canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Chic and Modern chocolate 

Based in: Toronto, Canada 

Fourth-generation pastry chef Nadège Nourian opened her patisserie in Toronto in 2009 and set a new tone for pastry-making. Her creations are chic and modern with delicate individual-sized gâteaux. Signature chocolate bonbons include exciting flavour combinations such as the cassis and blueberry ganache, or the coconut, passionfruit, mango, and caramel ganache. These special confections are sure to delight this Valentine’s Day. 


Beta-5 -canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Artful and innovative chocolates and pastries 

Based in: Vancouver, Canada 

BETA5 has been named one of North America’s Top Ten Chocolatiers and has received national and international accolades for its unique and innovative creations. Using technical precision and design, BETA5 produces beautiful works of edible art showcasing ethical, organic, and local ingredients. Through controlled melting and subsequent tempering of liquid chocolate, BETA5 is able to produce the distinctive shine and crisp snap that make its chocolates so irresistible. Give these as special gifts this Valentine’s Day. 


SOMA-canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Funky and magical chocolate creations 

Based in: Toronto, Canada 

The ancient Indian Vedic texts depict soma as the nectar of the gods—it’s mysterious, powerful, sacred. In 2003 David Castellan and Cynthia Leung opened a small, innovative chocolate factory to see if they could find new ways to make and enjoy chocolate, and perhaps even elevate it to the realm of the mysterious. Today SOMA produces a magical array of confections, including gelato, truffles, coffee, cookies, liquid chocolate, and more. This Valentine’s Day, give these SOMA chocolates as fun and creative gifts. 

Alicja Confections

Alicja-Confections-2-canadian chocolatiers

Signature: Unusual flavours and postcard chocolate bars 

Based in: Ottawa, Canada

Alicja says she never liked chocolate as a child because she could only rarely find flavours to suit her. Yet in 2015, she opened Alicja Confections  as an outlet for her creative impulses, and she has been able to explore, envision and create an expansive and surprising array of chocolate flavours ever since. Alicja’s signature seller is a beautifully packaged chocolate bar postcard that can be mailed with a Canadian stamp, perfect for sending out love this Valentine’s Day. 


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