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22 Incredible Aquamarine Jewelry Pieces

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For centuries, aquamarine’s mesmerizing azure blue color and crystal-like clarity have made the stone a timeless symbol of youth, hope, and eternal life. 

The name “aquamarine” is made up of the Latin words “aqua,” meaning “water” and “marine,” meaning “sea.” The ancient Greeks and Romans believed the stone was favored by the sea god Poseidon (Neptune) and would toss aquamarine amulets into the waters to assure a safe voyage. 

Aquamarine is considered to exude a soothing effect, clear the mind, and aid focus. Celebrities, royals, and politicians alike have fallen under the stone’s spell. 

Famous aquamarine jewels include Queen Elizabeth’s Aquamarine Tiara and the Roosevelt Aquamarine once gifted to Mrs. Roosevelt by the president of Brazil. 

For this article, we have chosen 20 exceptional pieces of aquamarine jewelry to bring the stone’s bewitching charm into your life. 

Wallace Chan

©Wallace Chan

A Necklace and Earrings Set with the Ocean Soul

The free spirit of the ocean is captured in this droplet-like necklace and earring set. At the centre, the 379.21 carat aquamarine pendant, inspired by the shape of a rudder, conveys the ocean-blue color. 

White diamonds, crystals, and sapphires sparkle as the titanium chains sway and swing gently, evoking the soothing motion of the waves.  



A Bracelet of Cascading Stones

Cartier employed its signature stone engraving technique to create this layered, voluminous composition. Carved aquamarines, tanzanites, and moonstones are shaped into intricate leaves and petals. 

The white gold bracelet is inlaid with 304 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 3.17 carats, and is accented with onyx bands. 

David Michael

©David Michael

A Koi Pond Captured in a Brooch 

This exotic piece from Australian brand David Michael, worn as either brooch or pendant, brings visions of a tropical pond amidst a lush jungle. 

A life-like Koi fish frolics in the middle of a six-sided aquamarine, surrounded by clouds of green tsavorite and diamonds.

Nigel O’Reilly

©Nigel O’Reilly

A Unique Golden Lattice Ring

Nigel O’Reilly’s eye-catching Zephyrus ring takes inspiration from Alexander McQueen’s early collection, Plato’s Atlantis

The 5.9 carat, cushion-cut aquamarine at the helm shares its faceted shape with the intricately latticed ring body, which is set in 18-karat rose gold and is paved with pink sapphires and blue and white diamonds. 



A Necklace with an Icy Appeal

Recalling the organic geometry of crystallized ice shards, this necklace by Baumer layers architectural arrangements of rock crystal on a white gold and pavé diamond base, with blue aquamarines glinting mysteriously from among the stones.  

Sicis Jewels


Artful Mosaic Earrings

A stunner from Sicis Jewels, these pendant earrings show off the design team’s expertise with micromosaics. The microscopic diamonds are hand set into the graceful shape of a splashing white gold Koi, dangled with aquamarines. 



An Iconic Black Jade Cuff

Inspired by Verdura’s iconic original Maltese Cross Cuffs from the 1930s and the 1943 Dogwood Brooch that appeared in a painting by Salvador Dali, this Dogwood Cuff commemorates the brand’s rich legacy. 

A chunky rounded cuff made from black jade and 18-karat gold is set with a cross pattern of boldly colored aquamarines and emeralds. 

Thomas Jirgens

©Thomas Jirgens

Pastel Chandelier Earrings

Evoking raindrops that shimmer with prismatic color, these delicate chandelier earrings by Thomas Jirgens form a lace-like design in white gold. They’re set with faceted oval gold beryls, aquamarines and morganites in a rainbow of pastel shades, and framed by sapphires and paraiba tourmalines. 

Elizabeth Gage

©Elizabeth Gage

A Ring of Imperial Opulence 

The mystique of the Ottoman age emerges in this ornate 18-karat yellow gold ring from Elizabeth Gage.

The ring showcases a cushion-shaped, 16-carat cabochon aquamarine surrounded by a bombé gallery of eight mixed-cut aquamarines and gold beads set against a blue enamel background.

Simone Jewels

©Simone Jewels

A Golden Winged Bracelet

Taking cue from a bird’s brilliant plumage and a few key poetic stanzas, Simone Jewels’s Birds in Poetry collection portrays the emotions of love, hope, and joy through the purity of gemstones. 

This delicate bracelet symbolizes hope with a beautiful aquamarine, surrounded by overlapping gold and diamond feathered wings. 

Fawaz Gruosi

©Fawaz Gruosi

An Aquamarine Ring with a Touch of Amber

The impressively sized, emerald-cut aquamarine in this cocktail ring from Fawaz Gruosi is paired with the warm glow of amber. 

Known as the gold of the North, the golden sunny hue of amber subtly contrasts the cool watery blues of aquamarine and the brilliant-cut blue sapphires paving the white gold band.

Ricardo Basta

©Ricardo Basta

A Ring Breathing with Sea Life 

Specializing in statement cocktail rings, Ricardo Basta brings the magnificent octopus to life in this aquatic-themed piece. 

Yellow gold and diamond tentacles wind around the shining 37 carat aquamarine in the center, with the sea scene completed by diamond starfish, enameled pearl coral, and green enamel.



A Vintage Treasure Brooch 

Resembling a delicate drop of crystalline water, this vintage brooch from circa 1910 is a timeless classic.

A detachable pear-shaped aquamarine, topped with a diamond ‘cap,’ is suspended on an oval aquamarine framed by diamonds. Accompanying the piece is a diamond set frame that allows the top stone to be worn as a tiara. 

Sold by Wartski, the brooch comes in its original tooled red leather case with a satin stamped lid and certificate from the American Gemmological Laboratory.  

Antonio Seijo

©Antonio Seijo

A Pendant of Symbol and Myth

A sacred heron, inlaid with white and fancy yellow diamonds, perches on the tip of a golden pyramid in this mythical pendant by Antonio Seijo

A captivating 102 carat aquamarine in a briolette cut represents the blue of sky and water, and is engraved with the hieroglyph for water on the back. 

Diamonds, emeralds, tsavorites, and sapphires form a delicate frame, suspended on a platinum and gold chain. 



A Captivating Geometric Necklace

Make a dramatic statement with this bold 20-karat yellow gold necklace by Coomi, showing a ray-like arrangement of rectangular aquamarines atop golden “bars” totaling 127 carats. 

Opals peek out from within circular gold frames, while gold-framed square diamonds and aquamarines stud the chain. 



Vintage-Inspired Enamel Earrings

White enamel creates a soft frame for the intricately etched aquamarines in these vintage-charm earrings by Veschetti

A rounded rectangle meets a pear shape in harmonious union, outlined with diamonds in 18-karat yellow gold.  



A Blossoming Tweedia Ring

The blossom of a budding tweedia flower opens up its petals in this exquisite Caratell ring. 

The uniquely flourished yellow gold band holds a 6.26 carat aquamarine, wrapped in petals of 18-karat white and rose gold, paved with pink sapphires and diamonds.

Brigitte Ermel

©Brigitte Ermel

A Ring in Shades of Blue

Paris-based artist Brigitte Ermel begins her projects with gouache illustrations, followed by dimensional plastiline models. 

The process of creating a complete piece involves six to eight artisans. The high level of craftsmanship is exemplified in this hypnotic ring. A tear-shaped 14.38 carat aquamarine is set atop a frame of blue sapphires on a white gold band. 

Farah Khan

©Farah Khan

A Bracelet with Indian Flair

Tracing her legacy to ancient Persia, Farah Khan reimagines her Indian roots for the present day by transforming traditional elements into contemporary wearable art. 

This 18-karat yellow gold bracelet resembles a delicate interlacing ribbon, and is scattered with Zambian emeralds, 4.88 carats of diamonds and 38.50 carat aquamarines, all made in India.



A Playful Pair of Earrings

There’s nothing fishy about these whimsical earrings from Munnu, a brand that began its legacy during the Mughal Empire. 

The playful piece shows a pair of adorable aquamarine fish in 22-karat yellow gold, accented with jeweled drops of lilac-colored lolite. 

Etho Maria

©Etho Maria

A Cuff with Colors of Sand and Sea

An accessory that takes center stage, this bold and chunky bracelet from Greek jeweler Etho Maria needs no other accouterments. 

It layers rows of aquamarines and yellow diamonds in a simple yet eye-catching alternating pattern, all on a wide cuff of yellow and white 18-karat gold and platinum.

Alessio Boschi

©Alessio Boschi

A Ring of Two Coasts 

In creating this stunning statement ring, Italian artist Alessio Boschi was inspired by swimming in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean. We see this through the shimmering blue-green of the center cabochon aquamarine and surrounding paraiba tourmalines. 

The memory of the Pacific Ocean and its exotic sea life gave rise to diamond-crusted corals studded with sapphire fish.


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