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Cartier jewelry

Celebrate the Beauty of the World with Cartier

New collection celebrates the diversity of nature and culture

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Beautés du Monde, Cartier‘s new high jewelry collection, honors the beauty of this world.

An interplay of natural and cultural elements comes to light in sparkling stones and precious metals, with geometric designs highlighting the wonders around us. The colors and shapes of flora, fauna, landscapes, and other elements find their way into magnificent necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Nouchali necklace, a highlight of the new Cartier jewelry collection 

The Nouchali necklace resembles an artful sculpture of a water lily. The white gold pendant appears to float on the long necklace of lilac-hued chalcedony beads, evoking the delicate beauty of the aquatic flower. Each bead is threaded one by one to create an airy silhouette.

In the centre, the vibrant fuschia-coloured, 10.61-carat rubellite forms the blossom’s heart, surrounded by a geometric fan of unfolding diamond petals framed in onyx.

Enhancing the lifelike effect is the “trembling” setting, allowing the petals to dance gently with the slightest movement.

Rituel necklace

With a sense of graphic symmetry, the Rituel necklace is a tribute to traditional Mesoamerican jewellery. A double row of azure chalcedony beads unfolds to reveal an arrangement of shimmering rubies alternating between diamond cones and faceted rubies suspended on an invisible setting.

Iwana necklace

The design of the Iwana collection takes its cue from the exotic skin of the green iguana. The geometric open-work rows of diamond-paved platinum triangles recall the constantly shifting, sinuous nature of the reptile’s skin. At the centre, three stunning four-sided Colombian emeralds, weighing 43.45 carats, are shaped to resemble the animal’s dorsal spines.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 114

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