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Looming Grandeur: Conrad Window Shades Tell Tales of Southeast Asian Crafts

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A window shade may go unnoticed, but when you come across one crafted by Conrad, you can’t ignore the irresistible aesthetic charm exuded by its semi-transparent natural fibres.

Since Conrad was founded by Edie Conrad over 60 years ago, the brand has partnered with local growers and artisans in Southeast Asia. “The designers and artisans behind Conrad are hands-on collaborators throughout the entire creative process—from conception to development to the finished product,” says Marc Szafran, president of Holly Hunt, carrier of Conrad products.

Conrad collaborates with growers and master weavers in Southeast Asia to craft its shades.

Conrad’s bespoke window shades are intricately handwoven from the finest natural fibres and feature over 150 distinctive design selections. The creative process at Conrad is labour-intensive, to say the least, involving numerous skilled hands working together to deliver each customized shade.

Conrad features over 150 distinctive shade designs handwoven from the finest natural fibres.

Inspired by Southeast Asia’s rich landscapes and time-honoured traditions, Conrad serves as a bridge between past and present while also catering to the specifications and predilections of today’s modern homeowners.

Through the meticulous process of crafting its unique natural fibre shades, Conrad remains true to its core mission of sustainability. The company’s collaboration with local growers and artisans safeguards traditional crafts, while also nurturing self-sufficient, economically viable communities.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 124

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