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Ding Fengru Floral Art Ikebana

Ikebana: The Beauty of a Moment

Artist Ding Fengru and the art of ikebana

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The fleeting nature of a flower’s beauty is central to the Japanese art of ikebana, flower arranging. The viewer knows that the time to appreciate the creation is now or never. The art begins to fade as soon as it is created, but the hand of the artist creates something extraordinary with the brief life of nature’s gifts. 

“The flower arrangement looks its best only for an instant, and our life is also just an instant,” says Ding Fengru, a rising star in the world of ikebana. Ding named his studio KSANA, a Sanskrit word and translates as “One Instant.”

To Ding,  “Beauty lies in discovery.” He is always on the lookout for unexpected beauty. Whether it is a fallen tree branch, clumps of bamboo leaves, or flower buds, he can magically transform plants into beautiful works of art. 

Ding believes that ikebana is not complicated. He notes there are just four main elements to consider—the vases, the flowers, the space, and the audience. 

To read our story on Ding and his secret to creating great ikebana, please order Issue 107.  

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 107

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