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Italian artists

Eastern Silk Stories by Italian Artists

Walls come alive as vibrant masterpieces

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From blossoming Chinese gardens to exotically plumed peacocks, masterpieces emerge on silk screens in an intersection of function and art. These stunning pieces are the work of Misha, an Italian company named in honour of the cities of Milan and Shanghai. 

Under the guidance of architect Chiara Enrico and her sister Anna, Misha’s Italian artists strive to bridge European and Far East cultures with artful wallcoverings.


The technique of painting on silk was first developed in ancient China. Passed down through the generations, it’s a challenging art, requiring years of training. Seeking to recreate that level of dedication, Misha’s silk wallcoverings are entirely hand-painted, combining Italian style and savoir-faire with traditional Eastern painting and embroidery. 

Misha’s carefully selected Italian artists work with the detailed craftsmanship characteristic of an haute atelier. They skillfully use hand embroidery to enhance painted surfaces with three-dimensional depth, evoking the feel of antique tapestries. 

Right: Photo by Antonio Mocchetti

The wallpaper designs emerge from years of research in Italian art and Asian motifs. In particular, the garden themes, highlighting exotic flora and fauna, bring nature inside the home. 

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 113

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