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Magnifissance Editorial Team On The Power Of Traditional Beauty and Wisdom in The Face of Pandemic

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To our Magnifissance Community,

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, we would like to send you and your families our very best wishes for good health and positive spirits.

This global crisis has taken a toll on all us, and within the design/fashion community that we serve, there have been significant disruptions. Just a couple weeks ago, life was still all about progress and our plans for tomorrow, then suddenly this pandemic changed the trajectory of everything. Instead of asking “why is this happening,” we decided to take a step back and re-evaluate our past, as well as what to keep and what to leave behind for the future.

We are a small, independent publisher. Our mission is to revive traditional aesthetics and wisdom from the East and West in contemporary times. Now more than ever, we believe in the power of traditional arts and design which can take us on a journey both timeless and priceless—soliciting lasting beauty from even the most devastating circumstances.

The Book of Changes says:” the sun will set in the west after noon, and the moon will wane after it waxes.” If something goes too far in one direction, it can’t last and will turn around. Our society has been running at break-neck speed for so long. Now is an opportunity to jump out of this fast-spinning whirl and take a moment to reconnect with our ourselves and with the Nature of which we are a part.

It’s the time to think calmly and dig deeper. The pandemic reminds us of the impermanence of life and fragility of wealth so that we may focus on the things that matter most like virtue, family, and community.

With most people working from home for the time being, let’s cherish the opportunity to spend more time with family, cook healthy food, and make a cup of herbal tea for yourself and your loved ones.

We will continue our search for traditional beauty and wisdom and bring you our very best insights through our weekly newsletter – from reviews of a philosopher shedding light on our thoughts of darkness to the classical designs that have passed the test of time, from what we can enjoy in a simple cup of tea at home to the meditative process of crafting an object.

We hope our coming newsletter finds you in good health and brings you a little extra warmth, courage and beauty during these difficult times. May we all emerge from these trials stronger, wiser, and more connected.

Best Wishes,
The Entire Editorial Team at Magnifissance

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Inspired for a Beautiful Life

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