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A French family estate preserves historic savoir-faire in the production of its precious plant oils.

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Eric Desforges de Caulières, owner of the MAISON CAULIÈRES family estate, came upon the beautifying benefits of cold-pressed oils by accident.
While carrying on the legacy of extracting the oils using an ancestral technique inspired by a 17th century grindstone mill, Desforges de Caulières noticed that as he handled the oils, his hands, calloused from working the land, softened up and became smoother. The cold-pressed oil’s high concentrations of essential fatty acids, he discovered, are as beneficial for the skin as they are for overall well-being.

The Desforges de Caulières family atelier, set amidst France’s majestic Loire Valley Châteaux, has been passing on the know-how of its oiling and cold-pressing techniques from generation to generation for over 250 years. The valley’s temperate climate and fertile soils allow for abundant harvest of sunflower, rapeseed, and linseed, with their oils extracted using the familial cold-press method.

The process helps preserve the healthful properties of the oils, which provide the base to MAISON CAULIÈRES’ lineup of artisanal products, from bath and body care to candles, teas, and local honey produced at the estate’s L’Epinay farm. With both the oils and honey evolving in taste, texture, and aroma according to season, nature’s cyclical rhythm inspires the company’s product fragrances, with lines divided into seasonal scent profiles. December 2020 will see the launch of the new Winter Collection Ode au Repos, showcasing a light citrus and musk fragrance that takes cue from fresh-fallen snow.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 102

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