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Silvia Furmanovich Collection Inspired by Chinese Antiquities

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Brazilian jewellery designer Silvia Furmanovich has always been drawn to pieces that not only tell a story but also highlight cultural, oftentimes obscure, artistic techniques.

Furmanovich travels around the world to seek inspiration for her creations—intricate, story-rich jewels made not only from precious metals and gemstones but also from unconventional materials such as wood, bamboo, and fabric.

Clutch by Silvia Furmanovich.

It comes as no surprise that Furmanovich welcomed an invitation to take part in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heirloom Project, an initiative to commission artisanal items for the Met Store.

The partnership entailed the creation of jewels inspired by the Qing Dynasty snuff bottles from the museum’s permanent collection. Introduced to China by European merchants in the late 17th century, these exquisitely crafted bottles made from precious materials were used to carry ground tobacco leaves and aromatic spices.

“I was thrilled to have access to the Met’s archives and study various areas of the permanent collection,” Furmanovich says.


Top left and bottom left: Earrings by Silvia Furmanovich. Top right: Late 18th to early 19th century Qing Dynasty snuff bottle featuring a dragon chasing a flaming pearl. Bottom right: Carved Qing Dynasty (Qianlong Period) porcelain snuff bottle in imitation of painted enamel metalwork.

It’s not the first time the designer used antique snuff bottles in her creations, having previously made pairs of cuffs and earrings with them.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 116

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