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The Beauty of Embroidery Art in Vietnam

Vietnamese company XQ fuses traditional hand embroidery with painting to create magnificent creations, while giving its all-female artisans a community to thrive in

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Among the pine forests and mist-laden valleys of Vietnam’s Lam Dong Province, Da Lat—the “City of Eternal Spring”—is home to a remarkable village. There, a community of female artisans handcrafts spectacular pieces of embroidery, united by an enduring love for their work and by a distinctly philosophical way of life.


A visit to this craft village is like taking a trip back in time. Within its historic buildings, women meticulously embroider on tambours, each dressed in traditional clothing, also known as ao dai. As their needles dance, fine stitches emerge in the fabric to form intricately detailed images.

The piece Aging portrays an elderly woman with weathered wrinkles and spots on her face, her eyes carrying a poignant sense of the passage of time. The piece is carefully crafted with layers of silk threads and intricate stitching.

Strikingly realistic portraits capture the likenesses of world leaders and beloved grandmothers. Delicate flowers bloom with ephemeral beauty, while tigers prowl through the mountains. Idyllic countryside scenes reveal bamboo forests or traditional fishing boats bobbing on rivers.

This remarkable tiger comes to life through the delicate interweaving of silk threads. On the animal’s orange-yellow and black fur, we can see the direction and flow of the fine hairs, creating a lifelike appearance.

The XQ Historical Village is a unique settlement founded by XQ, a group dedicated to both the preservation and the evolution of traditional hand embroidery.

“Embroidery has become a means for Vietnamese women to find their voice, allowing them to share their beliefs and emotions through their creations,” Vo Van Quan, the co-founder of XQ says. “XQ is a vehicle for embroiderers to search for beauty—the beauty within themselves, their home country, nature, and the connections shared among one another.”

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