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The Philadelphia Show Presents a Trove of Rare Finds

Explore some of the nation’s finest antiques and works of art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s annual showcase

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From April 28–30, 2023, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will host its annual antiques showcase, The Philadelphia Show. Initially founded in 1962, the show is known for its exceptional quality and legacy in antiques and fine arts selections, with all proceeds benefiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Division of Education and Public Programming.

This year, over forty of some of the country’s highest-regarded antique dealers and fine art galleries will come together to showcase selections of unique treasures in a wide range of categories.

Magnifissance editors have chosen 13 of this year’s Philadelphia Show finds: from an extremely rare pair of Chinese export porcelain figures to an unexpected Tiffany bracelet in Archaeological Revival style.


Gallery: Liverant Antiques

Pair of wax portrait miniatures

Created by late 18th-century portrait artist John Christian Rauschner, this pair of oval framed wax portrait miniatures exemplifies the artist’s specialty style, which paid special attention to the appearance and fashions of his models, from the hand-tinted facial features to the finely executed details of their hairstyles and clothing. Presented by Liverant Antiques.


Gallery: Ralph M. Chait Galleries

Rare pair of Chinese export porcelain figures

Dating back to the Kangxi period of the early 18th century, this pair of exceptionally crafted porcelain figures is prized for its quality and vibrant use of color. The figures are thought to depict French King Louis XIV and Mme. de Maintenon and are the earliest known sculpted portrayals of Westerners in Chinese porcelain made in Jingdezhen, China. Presented by Ralph M. Chait Galleries.


Gallery: Lillian Nassau

Peony table lamp

A stunning example of the Peony Shade, a signature of designer Clara Driscoll and frequently seen in the leaded glass designs by Louis Comfort Tiffany, this Tiffany table lamp circa 1905 is crowned with a shade of peony blossoms and leaves in variegated shades of glass that range from creamy white to translucent greens and blues. The shade is held on a bronze cushion base ornamented with elaborate wirework. Presented by Lillian Nassau.


Gallery: Kelly Kinzle Antiques

View of New Brighton, Pennsylvania

This framed 1850 oil on canvas painting by J.O. Osborne has descended through the McConnell family of New Brighton and is an extremely rare example of a Western Pennsylvania landscape of this period, depicting the scenic vista of the town of New Brighton, Pennsylvania. Presented by Kelly Kinzle Antiques.


Gallery: Elle Shushan

Miniature watercolor of Harley Jenness

This captivating, vividly hued watercolor painting displays the portrait of Harley Jenness at the age of one, painted by Mrs. Moses B. Russell in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The work dates back to 1853 and is miniature-sized at only 4 ½ inches high. Presented by Elle Shushan.



Gallery: Janice Paull Antiques

Japanese silver wall hanging

This show-stopping Japanese wall hanging from the Meiji period features a framed dramatic scene of a majestic phoenix within a fantastical landscape. The hanging is meticulously embroidered in silver entwined threading and colored yarns for a multi-dimensional layered effect. Presented by Janice Paull Antiques.


Gallery: Kentshire

Gold nesting bird earrings

These exquisite Russian earrings dating to 1850 are presented as a pair of gold birds in their nests. Crafted in finely detailed 18-karat yellow gold with ruby and pearl plumage, the bird figurines are suspended from pearl-set mounts. Presented by Kentshire.


Gallery: James Robinson Inc.

Tiffany & Co. bangle bracelet

A relic of the iconic Tiffany & Co. circa 1860, this beautiful 14-karat gold bangle bracelet shows stunning dimension detail in the Archaeological Revival style. The bracelet is presented in the original box with a golden inscription on the lining. Presented by James Robinson.

Gallery: Spencer Marks

Antique sterling silver Japonesque water set

This lovely Japonesque water set dates to 1883 and is composed of a sterling silver tray, a water pitcher, and two goblets. The set features delicate nature scenes with Eastern-inspired flora and fauna motifs crafted with chasing and parcel gliding techniques on the matte finish backdrop. Presented by Spencer Marks.


Gallery: Nathan Liverant and Son

Queen Anne walnut lowboy

Dating to 1745–1770, this Queen Anne lowboy from coastal Massachusetts is elegantly shaped in carved, polished walnut with a scooped, inlaid fan and features the original brass hardware. Presented by Nathan Liverant and Son.


Gallery: Olde Hope Antiques

Rare Mahantongo chest of drawers

An extremely rare piece attributed to Johannes Braun, this chest of drawers, circa 1830–1840 from Pennsylvania’s Mahantongo Valley, has been profiled in several exhibitions and publications. The pine construction is painted with original polychrome in hunter green and is decorated with red and yellow designs. Presented by Olde Hope Antiques.


Gallery: Barbara Israel Garden Antiques

Cast stone eagle

This striking garden stone sculpture shows an imposing eagle with furled wings and cocked head, set on a rock mound base. The piece is American in origins, dating to circa 1940. Presented by Barbara Israel Garden Antiques.


Gallery: Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge Antiques

Nested Chinese ebonized trunk set

This opulent set of China Trade trunks, circa 1900, features three nested ebonized trunks with decorative hardware and carrying handles. Each trunk is intricately painted with a landscape, bird, and flower motif in gilt and polychrome over a black background. Presented by Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge Antiques.

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