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6 Exotic Chinoiserie Decor Ideas for Any Space

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From glossy lacquer woods to elaborately painted silks, Chinoiserie decor has been in vogue since the 18th century. It first emerged in some of Europe’s most refined interiors as an interpretation of Asian motifs. 

Many prominent figures and collectors were devout fans of this style. Victor Hugo’s home famously flaunted Oriental treasures, while Coco Chanel’s legendary Rue Cambon apartment had walls beset with lacquered Coromandel screens. 

Looking to bring a taste of the exotic aesthetic into your home? These six masterfully crafted Chinoiserie-inspired screens are the perfect start. They’re functional in their use as room dividers and double as artwork for a bold decor statement.  

Porte Italia – Italy

©Porte Italia

A Screen with 18th-Century Venetian Charm 

Taking a cue from the artisans whose work still graces the villas and palazzos of Venice, Porte Italia resurrects the rich tradition of Venetian decorative arts by bringing old-world Italian design to modern interiors. 

This delicate, lavender-hued screen evokes the luxurious feel of 18th-century Venetian style. Each hinged panel shows an intricately carved top and bottom in either arched or rectangular shape and is hand-painted with an entirely customizable botanical motif.

House of Ita – Italy

©House of Ita

A Mythical Forest Room Divider

Ita’s multi-layered, eclectic style emerged out of her diverse cultural upbringing. It was shaped by her birth country of Macedonia, developed through her international education, and blossomed in Rome, Italy. 

The designer’s bespoke textile creations reflect a fascination with both traditional and contemporary arts. Ita starts with natural fabrics such as silk or linen, onto which she transfers illustrations using a delicate pen and brush technique. 

Her use of pattern is highlighted in this mythical screen that depicts a silver lion pursuing a goat through an enchanted golden forest. Gold and metallic paint and dimensional appliqué accent the fantastically detailed flora and fauna motifs.

Kabinet – Italy


A Two-Sided Silk Screen in Japanese Kimono Motif

A newcomer to the Italian design scene, the brand Kabinet was recently founded in Italy’s Veneto region by two young designers seeking to revitalize the area’s long-standing craft industry. 

Inspired by traditional approaches, Kabinet screens bring a contemporary twist to natural materials and unique textures such as burl wood, tortoiseshell, or mohair. 

This four-panel folding screen is inspired by the beautiful patterns of Japanese kimonos. They feature a curved, wave-like silhouette covered in elaborately embroidered emerald-green silk.  

Atelier Lecchi – France

©Atelier Lecchi

A Screen Made with Antique Lacquer Art

The Atelier Lecchi workshop was founded in 1972 by lacquer and decorator painters Jeannine and Edouard Lecchi, with a vision to conserve and restore antique masterpieces and lacquer work. 

Designed by artist Flore Falcinelli, the mysterious “Dandelion” screen reflects her fascination with the dreamlike worlds of animals and plants, while showcasing her skill with lacquer art. The stunning panels are lacquered in Martin varnish and are hand-painted with shimmering gold leaf, silver, and mother-of-pearl powder. 

Studio Cosma – Italy

©Studio Cosma

A Mosaic Masterpiece Room Divider

With over two decades of experience in mosaics and restoration, Studio Cosma’s founders Paola Picco and Flavia Tummolo design and create mosaic art using traditional techniques and materials in their studio in Rome. 

Showcasing their intricate handiwork, this saffron-gold three-panel screen is intricately inlaid with a dimensional mosaic motif of grass blades and leaves that appear to sway in the wind for a natural effect that is at once simple and captivating. 

Monica Gasperini – Italy

©Monica Gasperini

A Refined Black-and-White Toile Screen

Architect and designer Monica Gasperini is known for her impeccably designed interior projects that have appeared in private residences and commercial dwellings all over the world, including in gallery collections in Milan and Florence. 

The Madame Toile screen encapsulates Gasperini’s refined signature style. A lacquered black wooden frame shows two white silk panels, printed with Toile Society’s iconic Toile de Jouy print. The third panel is glossy black. The back of the screen features two smoked mirror panels, while another is covered in white Toile Society silk.


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