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Delightful Colours of the Four Seasons

How the rhythms of nature inform the beauty of interior spaces.

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The blush of fragrant peach blossoms fluttering in the spring breeze; the blue of rain-washed summer sky peeking through the clouds; the golden autumn barley rustling in the fields; the inky charcoal of mountains lining the horizon—these delightful colours of the four seasons evoke an enchanting natural world. In ancient Chinese culture, the brilliant rainbow of colours was tied closely to nature’s elements, manifesting as an opulent spectrum of visual poetry.

Following the cyclically changing colours of the four seasons, the diverse natural palette has made its way into our daily lives, showing up in fashion, interiors, architecture, and decor. Among these vibrant shades are the blues and golds of porcelain, the red and green tiles of palace walls, and the elaborate brocades of turquoise and purple silks.

The magic of colour continues to mesmerize and inspire artists and designers. In the pages that follow we explore the everlasting beauty of these nature-based colours and their enduring presence in our lives.

Spring Fling: Fresh Greens and Petal Pink

Green-glazed vase with Dragon Pattern, Qing Dynasty, Guangxu period. @National Taiwan Museum

Inspired by this Qing Dynasty dragon vase from the Guangxu period, the fresh combination of lime green and lavender-tinged pink enlivens rooms with the sweetness of springtime. The lime-green glaze brings to mind new leaves timidly stretching their soft green tips toward the sun, while the fluffy clouds evoke a mystical, enchanted land.


Top left: Interior & Architecture by Marie-Caroline Willms for the Marbella Club Hotel. Photo by Manolo Yllera.
Top right: de Gournay hand-painted Island Garden wallpaper on painted Xuan Paper. Interior by Anna Spiro. Photo by Tim Salisbury.
Bottom right: Interior by Susan Deliss. Photo by Andrew Steel.
Bottom left: Interior by Katie Ridder. Architecture by Peter Pennoyer Architects. Photo by Eric Piasecki.

Sweet Summer: Sunshine Yellow and Beachy Blues

Yellow-glazed vase decorated in fencai enamels with rotating interior. Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period. @National Taiwan Museum

The summer season brings visions of surf and sun, the heat of golden sands, and the blue calm waves rolling gently ashore. This porcelain vase from the Qianlong period, painted in electric blue fencai enamel motifs on a bright yellow background, inspires beautiful, harmonious interiors.

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