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Mexican artist

Wondrous Wax

Larger-than-life artisan candles bring a Mexican tradition home

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Candle-making has been in the family of Mexican artist Donã Viviana for 300 years, yet these days she is the one inspiring a new tradition. 

In her hometown, when a young man wishes to propose to his beloved, he not only asks her parents for her hand in marriage but also presents the family with a “marriage candle.”


Doña Viviana invented these candles that have now become a custom in her town. The smooth taper-shaped candles stand up to eight feet tall and can burn for an entire year to symbolize the groom’s commitment to his bride.

Recently, Obakki, a Canadian brand focused on promoting ethical products, has teamed up with Donã Viviana to showcase her creations. 


The 100% beeswax candles are made using 1,000 individual layers, poured by hand. Now in her eighties, Viviana still insists they should be entirely handmade, with no machinery involved. The candles are available in five different styles and in various colour options. 

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 113

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