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Breathtaking Still Life Photography Inspired by Old Masters

Photographer Paulette Tavormina captures the ethos of classical masterpieces

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“The Old World is very important to me. You see the evolution of society—there’s a thread woven between the past and the present.”
—Paulette Tavormina

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Zebra Finches and Tulips, 2017. Still art photograph by Paulette Tavormina.

When Paulette Tavormina discovered still life paintings, she was taken aback by their beauty and intensity. She could tell that the artists were depicting their own lives.

Tavormina was so inspired by the Old Masters paintings that she began to specialize in still life photography, turning her passion for antique objects and paintings into a profession.

In approaching her photography, Tavormina follows the style and composition of classical still life paintings while also incorporating her own experiences.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 112

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Inspired for a Beautiful Life

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