Crystal and Crocodile – Items of Luxury in Shades of Pink

From striking fuchsia, to soft shades of pastel, crocodile print to crystal-rimmed petals, savor the sweet delights of the items of luxury to inspire through the weekend.

Cartier Watch

Time is precious, and that’s obvious from the feminine beauty of this watch. Gold, diamonds and a petal-strewn face make this an heirloom piece.

At Boutique Cartier, (604) 683-6878

Century Furniture Augusta Chaise

This exquisite proportioned chaise lounge is a virtual bouquet for any room. The watercolor rendering of this painterly floral is fresh and charming.

At Paramount Furniture, (604) 273-0155

Louboutin Pensamoi Sandals

Take the lushness of a hothouse blossom wherever you roam. Crystal-encrusted petals amp up the beauty of a fuchsia sandal for night.


Nancy Gonzalez Clutch

Crocodile is magically crafted into a pretty and delicate clutch. Lavished with a flurry of pink petals, take this bag to your next soirée.


Luxury craftsmanship requires years of dedicated effort, a luxury brand requires generations. What all goes into creating a timepiece for one of the top luxury brands? Take a look at Cartier process of find watchmaking.