Mindful Spaces


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Mindful Spaces

A Gallery of beautifully styled scenes to bring out the poetry of objects.

Forest Solitude

A breeze blows across a bubbling stream. Quiet contemplation brings peace.

Home Photoshoot
1. Sprouts by Odegard Carpets, shown in imperial yellow. 2. Extra Large Brass Platter by Aero Studios, LDON150925. 3. Slab End Table by Ralph Lauren Home. 4. Fleur Euro Pillow by Les Indiennes. 5. Elise Deco Pillow by Les Indiennes. 6. Coat Tree by From the Source. 7. Starburst in QQ157.5 by Christopher Hyland. 8. Damask Vittorio in green by Marvic Textiles, available at Zimmer + Rohde. 9. Carla 4821-02 by Manuel Canovas, to the trade, available at Cowtan & Tout. 10. Candlestick Holders from John Saladino, set of 2. 11. Pebble Bowl by From the Source. 12. Grasshopper Lounge Chair by From the Source. 13. Sidecar Dining Stool by From the Source. 14. Pouf 20” Round Ottoman, Angora Brick fabric, by Cisco Brothers, FB11074.

Radiant Morning

Savour life’s bouquet of wonder. Begin with gratitude, and seek appreciation in each petal.

1. Roses Vase in green and pink, Daum, 03547. 2. The Fiance Large by Pierre-Yves Rochon, Daum, 05393-2/C. 3. Miramar by Clarencehouse. 4. Lorelei in ivory/lime, by Zoffany. 5. Hapsburg Versailles by Paris Ceramics, price upon request. 6. Cheese Board in gray striated marble by Aero Studios.


Memory Lane

Exotic prints and rustic leather conjure adventurous memories and dreams of quests yet to come.

1. Tiffin Box by Studio A. 2. Simple Brass Bowl with incised geometric design, Aero Studios, BOWLN161142. 3. Dark Brown Leather Dopp Kit by Aero Studios, BAGN161045. 4. Notebook covered in Les Indiennes Fabric. 5. Dragonfly by de Le Couna.
6. Meadow by de Le Couna.
7. La Paiva by Pierre Frey, B7598001.
8. Decorative Faux Book by Wood & Hogan. 9. Palace 55 by Goyard. 10. Masques by Nobilis,10578/36. 11. Touche in robin’s egg by Rob-ert Allen Design. 12. Lolita Key Tassle by Houles.


Blue Moon

The moon takes her seat in the sky. This is the kind of night that can only happen once.

1. Mille Nuits Flutissimo by Bacarrat, set of 2. 2. Wild Orchids Centerpiece by Lladró, 01008654, limited edition. 3. Achille Elliptical Vase by Armani Casa. 4. Venetian Silk Velvet in sapphire by Schumacher, 70432. 5. Paris in indigo by Les Indiennes. 6. Stripe Paisley in indigo by Les Indiennes.


Spring of Life

Water unites all life on Earth and cleanses everything it touches. Love is like water.

1. Mother-of-Pearl-Inlaid Bowl by Paris Ceramics price upon request. 2. Rashida Containers by Arteriors, set of 3. 3. Precious Metals in fine gold by Maya. 4. Flexi Mother-of-Pearl Mosaic in natural pearl by Maya. 5. Sophie Mirror by From the Source. 6. Eye Votive by Bacarrat, set of 2. 7. Tall Brass Flared Candle Holder by Aero, CANDLN161126. 8.Pedestal Bowl in light green onyx by Aero, BOWLN131003.


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