Gifts of the Earth

Like offerings bestowed from the heavens, precious stones don their colourful dress, their jewelled rainbow a testament to the depths of nature’s wondrous beauty.

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Van Cleef & Arpels

Brume de Saphir Rose Collection
A shimmering rose garden blooms in orderly rows; petals lavender, blush, and crystal white perched on elegant stems of rose gold.

Brume de Saphir Rose necklace and earrings in 18K rose gold, diamonds, and pink sapphires.


Cinemagia Collection Necklace
A dream-like rainbow bursts in a mul-titude of colours, alight with a jewelled
glow cast along a golden rose path.

“Fairy Wings” in pink gold with topaz, rubellite, citrine quartz, amethyst, morganite, iolite, green quartz, apatite, peridot, and diamond.

David Yurman

Gems Chain Large Ring
Glowing and golden, gems flow like heavy drops of sweet honey, linked together in an eternal circle.

Golden tourmaline and fancy yellow diamonds in 18K gold.


Blé Maria brooch
In a dream of the Russian countryside, stalks of golden wheat sway in the breeze, a vibrant garnet wildflower shining in their midst.

Blé Maria brooch in yellow gold, white gold, yellow sapphire, pink spinels, Mandarin garnets, coloured tourmalines, and diamonds.


Kiss Collection
A flash of ruby lipstick, a glint of diamond; a fleeting moment of romance captured in a tender embrace.

Ruby and diamond necklace, earrings, and ring.
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