Jimmy Chin Captures The Beauty Of Nature

Adventure photographer Jimmy Chin brings David Yurman’s jewelry to new heights — literally — with a new short film featuring rock climber Sam Elias and the latest collection from Yurman.

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Facing the vastness of the desert and awesome natural wonders like the rock formations of the American Southwest, we can feel the insignificance of our short lives in a universe that stretches endlessly in time and space.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, Jimmy Chin has just released a new short film created in collaboration with luxury jeweler David Yurman to showcase the brand’s latest collection: Nature’s Artistry.


The collection uses forged carbon and black titanium, in addition to the trademark sterling silver and yellow gold, to create pieces that are masculine and bold with a sense of connectedness to the natural world.

“Rocks and minerals record the earth’s history. Their beauty is the extraordinary collision of time, matter, force and chance” says Chief Creative Officer Evan Yurman.

David Yurman-Jimmy Chin
Bracelet and Ring by David Yurman

Chin features prominently in the film himself, however the focus is on his friend and pro climber Sam Elias. The two set off on a quite personal adventure in the desert near Moab, Utah, where Jimmy took some of his first published photos. In the film, the camera soars above the red rocks of the Moab desert as if we were a hawk gliding through the sandstone projections that reach into the sky from the valley.

Best known for his work on the Academy Award-winning documentary Free Solo, Jimmy Chin has spent years dangling from mountain tops as a National Geographic photographer. He even made history with a team that skied down from the summit of Mount Everest.


In order to capture the intricacy of Sam’s maneuvers within such a grand setting, Jimmy would often climb above Elias. There is a shot of the two of them looking almost miniscule against the vast expanse of the cliff.

Words can’t do justice to the beauty of the desert and the friendship that anchors the film, so do yourself a favour and take the time to watch it here.

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