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New Summer Dresses by Magnifissance

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Styling: Wendy Guo

Model: Ceci | Julie

Shoot Location: The Briars Resort & Spa on Lake Simcoe


Surrounded by a dark green summer growth

With a touch of yellow blossoms

Gentle waves lap against the sand

While a breeze blows in from the water 

Eyes closed, I take in a deeply fragrant breath 

Dressed in the comfort of natural fibres

The gentle wind uplifts the fabric and my summer mood  

New Summer Dresses
This organic linen T-shirt dress creates a loose, floaty silhouette with a breathable quality in its fine weave.
Available at

New Summer Dresses

New Summer Dresses
A burst of fine pleats radiates from the empire waist of the maxi gown in crinkled tie-dyed linen.
Available at
Wide stripes in interchanging shades of dark, light blue and light mustard gold take the spotlight in this one-of-a-kind A-line ramie dress. Available at
T-shirt dress in creamy white. A tulip-shaped hemline with slit sides, shorter at the front and longer at the back, creates movement when walking and adds visual interest. Available at
Summer Breeze Organic Ramie Dress. Available at
Reminiscent of the haze of wispy clouds in a vivid blue sky, this flowy skirt owes its vibrant colour to an ancient tie-dyeing technique with natural indigo dye. Available at
Being at one with nature is one of the greatest enjoyments of life. So carry the wonder of the sky with you in this Handmade Cloud Tie-Dyed Ramie Dress. Available at

A subtle pattern of wide sheer and semi-sheer stripes adds depth to this button-down Organic Linen Shirt in deep navy. Available at
With its khaki colour and easy fit, this Maxi Linen Shirtdress is the epitome of comfy-chic for any occasion. Available at


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