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Time-Honoured Glamour: Fendi Teams Up with Chinese Ethic Tribe

Fendi's ‘Hand in Hand Initiative’ is a masterful fusion of fashion, culture, and craftsmanship

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The Fendi Baguette handbag has been a fashion icon since artistic director Silvia Venturini Fendi introduced it in the late 1990s. Boldly breaking from the minimalistic trends of the era, the Baguette has since garnered iconic status, commanding a sui generis mystique in the fashion world.


Beijing marked the “Hand in Hand Initiative’s” third global stop following Rome and Tokyo. Beijing’s compelling scenography, which combined digital and physical elements, transformed the space into an artistic hub.

And yet, the “Hand in Hand” initiative elevates this status further. Imagine a handbag painstakingly handcrafted by master artisans from one of China’s most ancient indigenous tribes using centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. This is how Fendi is taking this already emblematic bag into the realm of fine art, a feat only very few in the fashion world have managed to achieve.


Fendi’s “Hand in Hand” initiative recently partnered with China’s Yi ethnic tribe, one of the oldest in this ancient nation, to transform the iconic Fendi Baguette handbag into a true work of art.


Through its “Hand in Hand” initiative, Fendi weaves together its sartorial ingenuity with indigenous crafts from diverse corners of the globe. In the process, each Fendi Baguette transforms into a singular, mesmeric canvas of cultural dialogue.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 122

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