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The Beauty of Tweed Inspires CHANEL Jewellery Collection

CHANEL's iconic signature fabric is reinvented in glittering masterpieces

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The timeless charm of tweed has been an integral part of CHANEL’s style vocabulary for decades after Gabrielle Chanel first discovered the fabric’s appeal in the 1920s during her love affair with the Duke of Westminster.

Named after the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders, tweed’s warmth and comfort have served to withstand the harsh local climate. Inspired by the Scottish weaving patterns, Mademoiselle Chanel borrowed the Duke’s tweed jackets and gave them her unique reinterpretation.

Tweed Royal necklace.

In 2020, CHANEL’s TWEED collection first brought the fabric into the realm of high jewellery with 45 tweed-inspired pieces. This year, Patrice Leguéreau, director of the CHANEL Fine Jewellery Creation Studio, returns to the magic of tweed with audacious creations in a new 63-piece high jewellery collection.


Top: Tweed Byzance brooch. Bottom: Tweed Byzance bracelet.

“My dream was to create a tweed set with precious stones,” Leguéreau says. “I wanted to go further in the interpretation by creating a veritable fabric of precious stones that is light and supple.”

The TWEED de CHANEL collection composes an ode to the traditional fabric with a tribute to the number five. It does this by embracing the richness of five textured weaves in five different colours and in the five icons cherished by Gabrielle Chanel: the white ribbon, the pink camellia, the blue comet, the yellow sun, and the red-tinged lion.

Tweed Pétale bracelet

The savoir-faire present in the meticulous settings is evident, with minuscule hinges, rings, and articulations in gold and platinum threads bringing suppleness to each creation. The interweaving of gold, pearls, and precious stones, along with varying stone sizes and openwork play, meticulously recreate tweed’s fleecy feel and touchable thickness. The result is a delicate yet structured fabric of jewels, beautifully showcasing the full beauty of the gemstones.

Tweed Royal bracelet

Join Magnifissance for a look at the making of the collection’s remarkable pieces, with exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs documenting the details and savoir-faire of this incredible process.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 121

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