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David Yurman Takes Inspiration from Stained Glass

David Yurman’s fall collection spotlights its jewellery with the art of stained glass in a photographic collaboration with Brian Clarke.

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Colour and light are the dual forces at play in the creation of David Yurman’s Fall campaign. In a contemporary take on the brand’s laid-back American luxury concept, Yurman’s stained glass jewellery collection is brought together with the inspirational work of Brian Clarke, one of the world’s most notable stained glass artists today.

Splashes of gold upon deep cobalt stained glass set up a rich contrast to blue topaz rings layered in coiled silver.

Though working in different mediums, Clarke and Yurman have followed similar career directions, starting with classical perspectives and using modern technologies and unique material fusions to elevate their craft. Both artists’ visions are driven by the transformation of light as it passes through translucent materials—exquisite stained glass patterns, or intricately cut gemstones.

Clarke’s cool palette recalls the Aurora Borealis against a darkened background, showing off the chromatic gems in the multicoloured Chatelaine rings sporting Yurman’s signature cushion cut.

The two intersect in the campaign’s photographs: Yurman’s fall collection showcasing mixed metals and brightly hued stones in bold layered designs, set against a backdrop of Clarke’s vibrant stained glass motifs.

An oversized sapphire cabochon captivates in a dramatic statement ring.

“Brian’s work creates a sense of euphoria. … When light illuminates, it transforms darkness into a kaleidoscope of colour,” Yurman says about the collaboration. “Given the current state of the world, his work feels especially meaningful—the human spirit craves beauty and joy, even in the most challenging times.”

Designed to be worn in playful stacks, cabled bracelets showcase Yurman’s signature technique that began as hand-twisted wire more than 30 years ago.

The campaign is also a nod to Yurman’s title sponsorship of Clarke’s The Art of Light exhibition at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, a revolutionary expression of stained glass art that bursts forth in exuberant colours and dramatic forms.

“Jewellery and stained glass are united by a mutual and profound dependence upon light,” said Clarke. “They also historically share a breathless search for meaning through beauty and a desire to make life lustrous and enchanting whenever and wherever they can.”

Touches of black and sculptural dimension lend an edgy aura to classic gold bangles.
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