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Louis Vuitton Celebrates Art and Fashion with World-Renowned Artists

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Louis Vuitton has unveiled the fourth chapter of its now-iconic Artycapucines collection, bringing a new dimension to the timeless Capucines bag.

The collection presents a collaboration with leading artists who transformed the classic Louis Vuitton Capucines into a blank canvas for creative expression. Six global artists brought their imaginative vision to reinterpret the bag in their own signature styles.

The year’s edition will see nine new bag designs featuring six contemporary artists: Daniel Burien, Kennedy Yanko, Park Seo-Beo, Amelie Bertrand, Peter Marino, and Ugo Rondinone.

Magnifissance went behind the scenes for the creation of two of these Louis Vuitton Capucines: the bags designed by artists Peter Marino and Park Seo-Beo.

Park Seo-Bo’s striking red Artycapucines bag brings a new dimension to the Louis Vuitton Capucines collecton. 

Park Seo-Bo is considered one of the leading figures in contemporary Korean art, renowned for his Ecriture paintings that undertake a spiritual exploration of time, space, and material.

Park’s art has origins in Taoist and Buddhist philosophies as well as in the Korean tradition of calligraphy.



The Ecriture painting style is captured in the designer’s dramatic, crimson hued Artycapucines bag. The latter channels the painting’s richly textured effect, using calfskin treated with a special brush stroke effect.

The result is a perfectly executed reproduction, with the bright red and burgundy leathers creating a pleated effect. The bag is finished with a walnut handle on a metal frame.

Peter Marino’s monochrome all-black bag

American architect Peter Marino is known for his edgy design style, characterized by strong use of texture and scale light.

The bag’s body is composed of a patchwork of hand-cut strips of smooth calfskin set with 315 black studs for a highly textured feel.


The hand-assembled leather handle features whip-like braid detail, while the novel slide-bolt closure over the front flap is secured by a black metal bar accented with a Louis Vuitton monogram flower.


All of the Artycapucines bags pay tribute to Louis Vuitton’s commitment to exceptional savoir-faire, combining time-honoured craftsmanship with a novel artistic vision.

Each bag in the collection will be available in a limited edition of 200.


This story is from Magnifissance Issue 115

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