Francesco Perini: A Master Woodworker Rooted in Noble Tuscan Traditions

Created by Francesco Perini, I Vassalletti Studio (Reproduction)
Created by Francesco Perini, I Vassalletti Studio (Reproduction)

High above the Arno Valley in Tuscany lives Francesco Perini and his exclusive retreat adorned with the finest woodwork craftsmanship quality spanning multiple generations in the making.

Francesco Perini is the owner of renowned Italian bespoke marquetry firm I Vassalletti, and now welcome his discerning clients to the Capanna del Sole, an authentic Tuscan ranch that doubles as a design studio showcasing the firm’s intricate inlaid flooring, refined marquetry, and furniture pieces.

Francesco Perini (Reproduction)
Francesco Perini (Reproduction)

Perini was born in San Giovanni Valdarno, a charming location whose town center is known for its medieval styling, a rather striking feature. The town’s roots to craftsmanship is deeply rooted in noble Tuscan traditions. It is no wonder that I Vassalletti, born of rich culture heritage, and deeply rooted craftsman traditions is highly sought after by Florentine elite.

While I Vassalletti’s mastermind continue to produce works of art from material such as obsidian, marble, glass, iron and, of course, a variety of exquisite woods, it also operates as a hub of innovations incorporating modern innovation with classic craftsmanship tradition.

Perini refers to his creations as creatures, as they are living, breathing creations who evolve and change, their origins coming from trees and are accented by other materials born of nature’s design.

The Capanna del Sole ranch rests on a wide plateau on the hills in Tuscany, rising more than 2,600 feet above sea level. A collection of works created by Francesco Perini are distributed across the property, making a unique outdoor showroom.
The luxurious interiors of the Capanna del Sole ranch house showcase I Vassalletti inlaid flooring, custom boiserie, and furniture.

Sought after by elite Italian interior designers, I Vassalletti’s intricate paneling is crafted from the finest oak, durmast, teak, cedar and walnut hardwoods, which are carved, polished and treated by hand using Tuscan techniques passed down artisan to artisan over three generations.

Spanning almost 200 acres, the elegant Capanna del Sole ranch is speckled with thick forest, livestock, and fruit and olive orchards. Guests can ride quad bikes along the extensive trails, or explore the pristine, elevated surroundings on a native Bardigiano horse from the estate’s stables, all while situated in a perfectly peaceful environment to collaboratively design their custom boiserie.