A Heavenly Color Palette Inspired by Shen Yun Performing Arts

Dancers from Shen Yun Performing Arts. (Courtesy of Shen Yun)
Dancers from Shen Yun Performing Arts. (Courtesy of Shen Yun)

The art of Shen Yun is about grace, music, and movement blending together in beautiful harmony. With classical Chinese dance in mind, we drew inspiration from four color combinations used in Shen Yun’s beautiful costumes and captivating digital backdrops.

Discover four uplifting palettes, ranging from pale to saturated, the hues resembling notes lined up in a crescendo, from faint to intense, in a musical staircase.

A bright palette comprises the golden yellow of the poster’s background, fading to pale grey and white. Warm hues run from nude and taupe to juicy coral, while a cool palette shows shades of azure blue. Finally, a contrasting palette sets up a forte-piano interplay of soft spring pastels and vivid brights.

Sunny Outlook

The first days of spring bring promise of warmth and optimism. The golden sunshine, the zest of icy lemonade, a bright bunch of daffodils — sunny yellow is the color of summer, of happiness and hope; the perfect antidote to winter’s dreary days. Energizing and stimulating, a yellow palette makes for a sophisticated feel that doesn’t overwhelm when tempered with neutrals like grey, silver, or pearl white. Adapt this uplifting combination in a chic style — try a lemony handbag paired with grey tweed and pearls; or at home: toss some bold yellow cushions on a charcoal sofa, or set a spring mimosa bouquet in a silver vase for an instant pick-me-up.