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Venini’s New Venezia Handles: The Art of Glass Meets Brilliant Color

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Founded by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappelin in 1921, Murano glass brand Venini is one of Italy’s oldest glass-making companies.

With the vision of transforming molten glass into works of art that merge traditional techniques with contemporary design, the company gained recognition by the 1980s, undertaking collaborations with some of Italy’s most famous glass designers and artists such as Alessandro Mendini and Carlo Scarpa.

These important partnerships propelled the brand’s progress, making its unique products highly sought-after worldwide.


Today, Venini continues to partner with international artists, who bring their creativity and unique vision to create the company’s unique avant-garde glass masterpieces.

Guided by generations of glassmaking, these precious pieces capture the artistic legacy and tradition of the Murano glass craft.


Setting Venini apart in Murano’s glassmaking scene is the company’s exceptional use of color, with a palette of 125 tones. Each color has its own formula, which is achieved through extensive experimentation.

This year, Venini brings new additions to its Venezia series with its range of striking, colorful glass handles.

Artists Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez designed the handles in two distinct lines: filigree and two-tone, both made using ancient Murano glassmaking techniques.


To make the filigree handles, artisans infused thin glass rods into the handle body, creating a lace-like effect.

For the two-tone handles, the clear cylinder handles take on a vibrant color with brightly-hued swirls throughout, which are available in three color combinations: aquamarine/green, amethyst/amber, red/amber.

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