Cartier [Sur]naturel High Jewellery Collection

Into the Wild

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Flora, fauna, and fantasy intertwine in Cartier’s new [Sur]naturel High Jewellery Collection: a series of six pieces that draw on the healing powers of nature while elevating it to an all-new level of art and surrealism—the natural meeting the supernatural in forms of precious metal and stone.

Taking cue from the organic elements of flowing water, vibrantly coloured plants, and exotic animals, Cartier unveils some of its rarest archaic jewels, capturing the spirit of the wilderness within a uniquely fantastical perspective. Opal, coral, aquamarine, and beryl shine alongside rare diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, with intricate cuts by Cartier’s masterful jewellers showing off their clarity and depth.

Deep violet-blue opals and diamonds surround a stunning pink kunzite in the Hemis necklace, evoking the pure white fur of a snow leopard, glistening like crystalline shards of ice.

Cartier Sinopé necklace

Other pieces hint at mythical jungle creatures or burst with the tropically hued plumage of exotic-feathered birds. Five oval Madagascar sapphires stud a curling diamond-and-white-gold wave in the piece called Sinopé, while in the Tillandsia, two oval-shaped green beryls totalling nearly 164 carats hug each other in a spray of yellow and brown diamonds.

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