Connect with the Power of Nature


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Connect with the Power of Nature

Editor’s Letter for Issue 102

As a luxury lifestyle magazine, Magnifissance is dedicated to quality—but to a broader quality that stretches beyond materialism and the clickbait that are so popular right now. Genuine quality withstands the slow polish of passing time and grows more beautifully with age.

Especially with this year’s quarantine, the gears of society are grinding like a car stuck shifting gears on a turn. In this time of isolation, we reflected on what’s truly needed in people’s lives, and we chose the Power of Nature as our theme for this issue. My hope is to improve readers’ connection with Nature, relieve the pressure of the current situation a little, and enhance wellness and vitality.

With this issue, Magnifissance is pleased to present a selection of leading individuals from the East and West, in professions from art and fashion to architecture, all of whom exemplify to us the beauty of natural living and a true appreciation of quality.

One such find is U.S. artist Rowland Ricketts, who follows centuries-old Japanese indigo dyeing techniques. He plants Indigofera tinctoria on his farm and spends nearly a year growing, fermenting, and processing it, before dyeing delightful, appealing fabrics that are the real deal.

Following the lens of photographer Chen Fan, we got to experience each of a year’s 24 solar terms via a poetic journey through Earth’s scenery. The beauty of his photography reveals the grandeur of the natural world, as well as the beauty resulting from human harmony with nature.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hayato Nishiyama, a Japanese ikebana master, shrinks nature into the small space of a container. When people stroll through a display of his masterfully crafted flower arrangements, they feel inspired to ponder the meanings of life.

Speaking of flowers, this issue of Magnifissance also offers five gourmet recipes that incorporate flowers for taste and health. These dishes pull from ancient Chinese recipe books, sharing a cultural aftertaste that has lasted for thousands of years.

I feel fortunate that although some of us are isolated in the city and wrapped in reinforced concrete, nature is never really that far away. Her wisdom and energy have always provided a steady stream of physical and mental nourishment. As long as people are willing to slow down and be close to her, she’ll still accept us, and the harmony of that relationship is priceless.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 102

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