Hermas Samarcande


Game night, Hermes style

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From scarves to saddles, the House of Hermès has no equal when it comes to elevating the objects of daily living to refined heights of utmost sophistication. Games are no exception for the Parisian couturier, with a playful line-up, from ping-pong racquets to skateboards tapping into the brand’s fun side, with a definitive grown-up vibe.

No games night, of course, would be complete without a beautiful chess set, and Hermès certainly delivers with the Samarcande set featured in its 2020 holiday gift collection—a must-have gift for the games lover in your life. Hand-sculpted mahogany forms the polished oversize pieces, cut in laconic, minimalist shapes marked with smooth surfaces and straight notches.

A modern board in leather marquetry provides a conveniently expansive playing surface and looks just as good as coffee table décor when not in play mode.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 103

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