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Fendi’s World-Renowned Craftsmanship

Fendi creates a new icon at its own Tuscan leather school--fully costomizible Peekaboo bag. Choose your own color, size, and material.

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Fendi’s craftsmanship standards have been passed down for three generations. Opening its own leather school is a new chapter in the brand’s pursuit of workmanship perfection. Bagno a Ripoli leather school, located in the Metropolitan City of Florence in Tuscany, Italy teaches artisans the special techniques that make Fendi handbags superb in artistry and quality.

A rendering of the Peekaboo bag with the tools used to create it.

Florence has been a centre for world-class art since the Renaissance. Fendi’s school, on the outskirts of the city, teaches Fendi-specific leatherworking methods and the company’s values.

Students demonstrate their aptitude as soon as they arrive, and a master assesses their talent and places them in the department they’re most suited for. This speeds up the process of students integration into the Fendi workshop and also allows the skilled artisans to dedicate time to their students’ personal development. Top-notch teachers at Fendi’s schools have over 30 years of experience and nurture their students’ progress as they follow their careers closely.

Simple tools such as these have been used to hand-make Fendi bags for three generations.

Simplicity is the New Eccentricity

One of Fendi’s breakout pieces is the Peekaboo bag. Unlike some of Fendi’s flashier bags, the Peekaboo relies on the sophistication of small details to impress, such as the hardware, shape, and of course, the quality of the leatherwork. The contrast of interior colours and materials visible with the bag worn open adds a level of interest and intrigue to this handbag.

Palladium hardware is added; A custom placard is sewn into every Fendi handbag; A heavy thread is used for the hand top-stitching of the Peekaboo bag.

“Simplicity is the new eccentricity. I was looking for a traditional, yet modern contemporary shape, able to satisfy the most sophisticated women,” says Silvia Venturini Fendi. The Peekaboo is meant to be worn unlatched to show off the details of the interior. It’s “the only occasion in which a woman would be recommended to walk around with an unfastened and unlocked bag,” says Fendi.

The Peekaboo bag’s popularity comes from its classic design and opportunities for personalization: Four sizes, a variety of colours and materials, including leather, suede, and python. Fendi also offers made-to-order Peekaboo handbags with fully customizable details.

The nearly hundred year old label continues to be a paragon of fashion and craftsmanship attracting the next generation of artisans and designers.

The finished Peekaboo handbag in fuchsia leather.
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