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Tangerine Sangria

Homemade Tangerine Sangria

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Tangerines are sweet and sour, and cool in nature. Chinese medicine believes they have the effect of stimulating the appetite, regulating qi, quenching thirst, and moisturizing the lungs.

It’s almost inevitable to drink some alcohol during a holiday dinner. If you drink too much, you can use tangerines, apples, green plums, hawthorns, and sugar to cook a hangover soup for the end of the meal and the next day. We have also prepared a sparkling sweet tangerine sangria that’s fragrant but not high in alcohol by volume, so you can drink healthier at the festive table.

Sweet Tangerine Sangria (serves 4)

3 small tangerines
750ml white wine
Half an apple
Half an orange
Half a lime
Half a yellow lemon
1 passion fruit
30ml cane sugar syrup
500ml lemon sparkling water
85g Cointreau (or another orange-flavoured liqueur)

For nonorganic fruits, scrub all fruits with salt first. Cut the tangerines in half, slice the lemon, cut the orange into fan-shaped slices, core and cut the apple into 4 pieces, and cut the passion fruit and scoop out the pulp.

Mix all the ingredients except the lemon sparkling water in a glass bottle and seal. Store in the refrigerator. Add ice cubes and sparkling water before serving.

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