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Original Magnifissance Recipes Inspired by the 24 Solar Terms

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Looking for some seasonal fresh recipes? Enjoy our original recipes inspired by 24 solar terms, an ancient Chinese calendar system dividing the year up into 24 terms. The system has guided farming for thousands of years and produced dietary customs designed to keep the body’s cycles in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.

The winds, sunlight, rains, and soil conditions of each solar term shift and change, resulting in a rich variety of fruits and vegetables in different seasons. Food grows as a gift from heaven to be enjoyed and taken as nourishment in its own time.

Confucius advised against eating unseasonal food over 2,000 years ago. The schedule of optimal foods aligns with the 24 solar terms and acts as an agreement between humans and nature. The culinary traditions that grew out of this wisdom were established with a sense of reverence for Heaven and Earth. This ancient culinary wisdom has helped humankind to live in harmony with the natural cycles of the year generation after generation.


Recipes inspired by 11t solar term - Blanched Celtuce

Recipe: Blanched Celtuce

The 11th Solar term: Slight Heat, July 7–22


The 11th solar term marks the beginning of the hot season. The long days of sunshine keep the fruits and vegetables happy. The leaves are still tender and the first harvests of summer begin to ripen. 

With just a little seasoning, the fresh produce of this solar term will cool you on hot days, nurturing your spleen and stomach. We’ve chosen a nutritious green lettuce called celtuce (also known as celery lettuce) for this light and refreshing recipe. Its stem is particularly crisp and flavourful in the summer months, and is packed with nutrients.

Our recipe is adapted from the classic Mountain Home Light Diet. We’ve made slight modifications to the original, such as shredding the celtuce instead of chopping it, and we’ve added a little chili to boost the flavour, which is good for hot days when the appetite can be low. 

To get the full recipe, please order Issue 107.


Recipes inspired by 12th solar term - Oolong Jade with Crimson Dot

Recipe: Oolong Jade with Crimson Dot

The 12th Solar term:Great Heat, July 22–August 7


In the poem The Great Heat , scholar Yuan Zhen writes, “At Great Heat, fireflies are flying in the forest. Prepare fruits, invite friends, and enjoy a good sleep in the summer.” 

In the poetry of the ancients, even the scorching heat of the 12th solar term has its romance and comfort. Under the bright moon, people gather together with good friends to spend the evening in conversation, while insects carry on their own discussions in the field and forest. Just take a bite of fresh fruits and let the heat of the day fade away.

Although everyone enjoys a cold drink on a hot day, remember not to have too much. Traditional Chinese medicine manual states, “There is heat and dampness in summer, and it is better to have a light complement.” A large amount of raw or cold foods will stimulate the intestines and stomach, preventing the body from expelling heat and humidity. 

We’ve chosen oolong tea and seasonal strawberries to create this light and delicious summer snack. The tea fragrance and fruity aroma complement each other well. Moreover, the beautiful presentation of the dish makes it welcome on any summer table. 

To get the full recipe, please order Issue 107.


Recipes inspired by 13th solar term - Tricolour Beef Bowl

Recipe: Tricolour Beef Bowl

The 13th Solar term: Beginning of Autumn, August 7 – 22


With the arrival of the Beginning of Autumn solar term, the heat of summer recedes from its peak and the days grow shorter. The cool breeze in the evening begins to quietly cool the land and accelerate the ripening of fruits and vegetables. 

The 13th solar term brings rich and plump ingredients to the table. The grains absorb the nutrients of the earth in the summer to nourish the people in the autumn after working so hard. 

The ancient cookbook Principles of Correct Diet advises people to eat moisturizing foods to make up for the typically dry air of this solar term. 

Our dish, Tricolour Beef Bowl, is made with a variety of grains, which are rich in flavour and help moisturize the body. Covered with lean beef, which warms the stomach, it’s nourishing and low in fat.

To get the full recipe, please order Issue 107.


recipes inspired by 14th solar term - Rattan Peppercorn and Red Chili Chicken

Recipe: Rattan Peppercorn and Red Chili Chicken

The 14th Solar term: Limit of Heat, August 22 – September 7


The 14th solar term marks the end of summer’s hot days, thus the name Limit of Heat. The autumn atmosphere takes hold and a few treetops start to turn golden. The yellow corn and potatoes are ready for harvest, and the fishermen bring in some of their best catches. The beautiful autumn season is about to begin.

During the Limit of Heat solar term, the yang energy declines and the yin energy rises. The temperature drops, and the human body begins to transition to a more restful state. It’s easy to feel tired at this time of year, and this is often referred to as autumn fatigue. Fortunately, this can be resolved through foods that use extra seasonings to stimulate the taste buds and nerves. 

Peppers have the effect of dispelling cold. They can help yang energy to flow better in the body, thereby stimulating the blood. Tender and nourishing chicken, a classic in Sichuan cuisine, is a perfect complement for hot peppers at the start of autumn.

To get the full recipe,  please order Issue 107.

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 107

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