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Fields of Gold

The flowers behind Chanel’s signature scent

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Nestled among the hills overlooking the Côte d’Azur in southern France, there’s a small town exuding a sweet fragrance in the bright sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea. The Siagne river flows quietly through it, with flower fields on both sides. Roses, jasmines, and irises bloom in turn, and the area gives off the scent of a fairyland garden. This is Grasse, the world renowned capital of perfume. Its peculiar combination of sun and terroir makes it a fertile ground for the delicate flowers that make up legendary perfumes like CHANEL N°5.

Fields of Gold_CHANEL N°5
A 30-millilitre bottle of N°5 contains the olfactory output of about a dozen full rose blooms.

Read about CHANEL’s special partnership with the Mul family, the largest flower field operator in the Grasse region, and learn about the process that transforms thousands of  flowers into perfume.  

Order Issue 108 to access the full story. 

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 108

ISSUE 108 Editor's Letter
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