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Wallace Chan

Enchanted by Wallace Chan’s Butterfly Jewellery

A beautiful print edition captures the work of jeweller Wallace Chan

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World renowned jewellery artist and sculptor Wallace Chan is known for his mesmerizing butterfly brooches. A symbol of love and immortality, the butterfly is a frequent motif in Chinese traditional art, including literature, music, painting, and sculpture. Among these is the Taoist parable of the butterfly dream in which Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi explores the boundaries between reality and illusion.


The butterfly’s cultural significance and beauty inspired Chan’s collection of Forever Dancing brooches that have real butterfly wings sealed between the stones, as well as the romantic Fluttery brooches that pay homage to one of his favourite Chinese legends, The Butterfly Lovers.


Today, Chan’s works are celebrated in Winged Beauty, a stunning book that captures the artist’s vision. Over 100 captivating illustrations feature butterfly brooches, earrings, necklaces, and rings crafted by Chan over the years, including newly commissioned and previously unseen pieces. Wallace Chan’s personal and cultural reflections on the butterfly accompany the images, along with essays by four jewellery experts.


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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 111

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