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Osmanthus Cake: A Classical Dessert

Recipe for the White Dew solar term (begins approx. Sep 7)

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Chinese people have been enjoying osmanthus flowers in dishes and wine since ancient times.

The most favoured use of osmanthus is in desserts. The soft and sweet-scented osmanthus cake, for example, has a history that’s hundreds of years old.

From the marketplace to the palace, people have long loved this white, jade-like and fragrant dessert in the autumn when the sweet-scented osmanthus flowers are in full bloom.

The golden osmanthus flowers exude a refreshing fragrance in the wind; they also bring various health benefits such as relieving cough, regulating qi (life energy), and promoting blood circulation.

Here’s a delicious osmanthus cake recipe you can enjoy during this White Dew solar term.


Ingredients (serves 4):

160 g rice flour
80 g glutinous rice flour
40 g granulated sugar
120 g water
10 g dried osmanthus flowers
50 g honey



1. Mix the osmanthus and the honey. Store in an airtight container overnight.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 114

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