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Poached Pear with Crystal Sugar and Snow White Tremella

Recipe for the Cold Dew solar term (begins approx. Oct 8)

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Canada is known for its beautiful red maple, seen during the Cold Dew solar term when the dew condenses into frost and the temperature cools down. This is the time when our lungs need added support, and it’s a perfect time to enjoy poached pear and tremella.

Pears and tremellas nourish the lungs, stimulate body fluids, and moisturize dryness. Red dates and goji berries are a good complement, helping to enhance immunity at this time of year.

For this delicious poached pear recipe, we add a little crystal sugar to make it a refreshing and nourishing dessert.


Ingredients (serves 4):

4 pears
20 g snow white tremella
24 pieces of rock sugar
4 red dates
12 goji berries



1. Soak the tremella, remove the root, and tear it into small pieces.

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This story is from Magnifissance Issue 114

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