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Restauranteur Kevin Tsang Adds Passion to Every Plate

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Restaurants, like their owners, have personalities. Some are quaint and quiet like a grandmother’s kitchen while others have the panache of a celebrity red carpet.

Day & Night Angus Steak and Raw Bar is the latter, featuring the celebrity cachet of an ‘A’ lister hangout with a dash of culinary exclusivity.

The restaurant’s clients, the likes of Asian film stars Alan Tam and Miriam Yeung, drive north of Toronto to Unionville to savour the delights of expertly prepared Certified Angus Beef.

Kevin Tsang, owner of Day & Night Angus Steak and Raw Bar in Unionville, Ontario. Photo by Anthony D’Elia

Respecting ingredients is owner Kevin Tsang’s motto. Tsang, a Hong Kong immigrant and restauranteur, takes great care in selecting each one for a satisfying dining experience.

Established over two decades ago, Day & Night was one of the first to introduce Certified Angus Beef to the Toronto restaurant business.


Certified Angus Beef has a set of robust criteria for beef quality in regard to the amount of marbling within the meat, the cattle’s age, the ribeye area size, and fat thickness, to name a few.

“No more than three out of 10 real Angus cows meet the Certified Angus Beef standards,” Tsang said. “We also pick the best cuts like filet, tenderloin, and ribeye.

Day & Night Angus Steak and Raw Bar is well-known in the Chinese community, with several Hong Kong celebrities coming to dine here.

Fine dining experience

The quality of the beef was evident as soon as we walked in the door. Near the entrance, the shelves were stocked with large chunks of vacuum-wrapped raw beef, each proudly bearing the label “Certified Angus Beef.”

As we awaited our meal, we admired the room, a sophisticated well-designed setting that showed attention to detail.

We were especially impressed by the large waterfall-like ornament hanging from the 40-foot high ceiling. Made with over 1,000 glass balls hand threaded onto 128 different wires, this work of art was clearly custom-made for the space.

The interior decoration of Day & Night Angus Steak and Raw Bar pays attention to detail. The series of glass balls flowing down in the centre was designed by owner Kevin Tsang and installed by his team.

When Tsang returned to the table (with mouth-watering garlic bread), he told us proudly that he designed the hanging piece himself; his team then assembled it.

We were impressed. Not only was Tsang a talented restauranteur, but an artist as well. The swan-shaped salt and pepper containers on our table were also his creations.

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