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Hawaiian Island Home and its Stunning Ocean Vistas

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“The architecture integrates both functional and aesthetic elements, taking into consideration the clients’ lifestyle and daily activities, as well as conditions of the natural environment and tropical climate.”
—Greg Warner

Located at the end of a highway on the southern coast of Maui Island in Hawaii, Maui Residence was designed to harmonize with its gorgeous oceanfront environment.

Nestled within a 0.5-acre plot adjacent to one of the island’s pristine beaches, the 7,000-square foot house by San Francisco firm Walker Warner Architects belongs to a couple who wanted to spend time with each other, entertain family and friends, and display an impressive art collection.

The 7,000-square-foot floating house looks out onto one of Maui’s most pristine beaches.

They also wanted to integrate the dramatic landscape into their home.

“After learning their vision and artistic sensibilities, everything fell into place—from the design of the landscape to the fabrics on the wall,” says Greg Warner, founding partner of Walker Warner Architects.

Floating house above the waters

Upon approaching the building, one’s first visual impression is of a floating house atop the sea. As one gets closer, one sees that it’s actually a two-story residence constructed of glass and steel.

On the upper level, where the entrance is located, are the living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom. Here, an adjacent lanai (roofed verandah) runs the full extent of the house, offering uninterrupted 180-degree views. A deep overhang shields the lanai and adjacent great room from the strong western sun and passing storms.

Left: An upper-level dining room. Right: The master suite and other main bedrooms are designed with corner windows offering stunning wrap-around views of the coastline.

The lower level of the house opens onto a pool and terrace overlooking the ocean. Contained within this level are three guest bedrooms, a kitchenette, a family room, a lounge space, and a den.

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