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Discover Ramie: One of the World’s Oldest Vegetable Fibres

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In Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale “The Wild Swans,” a princess works day and night to remove a witch’s curse that turned her brothers into swans. In order to save them, she is forced to weave shirts for all eleven brothers out of stinging nettle leaves. Her fingers bleed and ache from the process, but in true fairytale fashion, she miraculously completes the task at the final moment.

Making fabric from stinging nettles may seem like a random choice for dramatic effect, but it may have been inspired by an almost-forgotten, linen-like fabric made from the ramie plant (of the nettle family).

Though barely known in North America, the natural fabric of ramie, derived from the ramie plant, has a history that dates back thousands of years in East Asia. Ramie’s high absorbency and lightweight open weave makes it extremely breathable in hot humid climates, while the fibre’s inherent stiffness makes it one of the strongest natural fabrics even when wet.

Like linen, ramie is prone to creasing, but it resists shrinkage and inhibits growth of mildew and bacteria, keeping clothing fresh and odour-free. 

Our favourite ways to wear ramie? Think long, flowy dresses, perfect for anywhere from the garden to the beach; easy tops; or even palazzo-like trousers—all in organic palettes of pure whites, blues, and muted earth tones.

Golden Ramie Gown

Golden Ramie Gown

The golden yellow hue of this dress is like a ray of wearable sunshine, imparting a cheery and uplifted mood. The empire-waist cut and raglan sleeves add an easy-to-wear charm.
Light Ramie Dress

Light Striped Dress

Wide vertical stripes in muted earthy hues woven in light and breathable ramie, this A-line dress defines freedom of motion, ideal for a park stroll or forest bathing. It’s also the perfect season transition piece—just swap the footwear for ankle booties and layer a chunky cardigan on top.
Ramie Cardigan Dress in Indigo Tie-Dye

Indigo Tie-Dye Cardigan Dress

Part dress, part cardigan, this unique piece evokes windswept landscapes. Like the ever-changing formations of the sea, sky, and clouds, tie-dye patterns decorate the hem with star-shaped rings layered in a halo-like design. Walk gently on a field of clouds and be at one with nature!
Breathable Ramie Top in Indigo Tie-Dye

Breathable Top in Indigo Tie-Dye

The lightly woven and soft ramie gradually transitions from bright white to tie-dyed indigo blue at the hem in this boxy, raglan-sleeve top. The gradient blue pattern and asymmetrical hemline provides an effortless grace to the casually laid-back piece.
Breezy Ramie Trousers

Breezy Trousers

Breezy and effortless, these crisp white voluminous ankle-length trousers are lined and generously cut for a flowy, feminine feel. Pair this summer staple with anything from a flat sandal to a wedge.
Ramie Shirt

Organic Shirt

Ramie’s lightness takes on a more serious side in this work-ready yet easy-to-wear black button down shirt, showcasing a semi-sheer texture, notched collar and chest pocket.
Flowing Ramie Dress

Flowing Dress

This feminine frock defines a nipped-in silhouette with a back tie at the waist forming a sweet bow. Creamy sheer fabric gives the dress a graceful lightness, with a spin of the mid-calf length skirt reminiscent of the delicate arc of a Calla lily.
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