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4 Embroidered Brooch Pin Brands That Captivate Your Eye

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Bringing together the intricate arts of embroidery and jewellery making, embroidered brooch pins are a unique way to enhance your style with a one-of-a-kind statement. Whether bold and colourful, or dainty and feminine, these handcrafted creations give a pop of colour and texture, adding instant interest to any blouse, blazer, handbag, or even shoe. Discover this must-have accessory with these four incredible embroidered brooch pin brands. 

Elen Danielle

Based in:  Canada

Signature:  Spiritual symbolism

“Each piece I create is a talisman,” says Elen Danielle, a  textile artist and designer. Growing up on the Canadian West Coast, she was immersed in the beauty of wild, pristine nature around her, which nurtured a sense of spirituality and preservation. These values would then translate into the artistic objects she sought to create and share. 

Inspired by the natural world, Elen’s embroidered brooches show us a thoughtful ‘slow fashion.’ Each piece is handmade using fine silk and real gold thread.  Imbued with the power of “storytelling in stitches,” Elen’s brooch pins preserve meaning in a fast-paced world. brooch pin-Elen Danielle

Macon et Lesquoy

Based in: France

Signature:  Poetic whimsy

The fun, whimsical designs of Macon et Lesquoy begin with the carefully rendered sketches by co-founder and artist Marie Macon. Next, Anne-Laure Lesquoy conceptualizes the drawing, bringing it into three-dimensional form. 

The dynamic duo draw their creativity from their extensive travel together, and they are inspired by talented craftspeople all over the globe. It was on a trip to Pakistan that the couple chose to recreate an ancient technique of bullion thread embroidery, used in military badges in Europe and Asia in the 17th century. 

Other discoveries, from a Portuguese mechanical embroidery workshop to a needle-painting technique in Rwanda, have also made their way into their poetic yet lighthearted brooch pins. brooch pin - Macon et Lesquoy


Based in: Belgium

Signature: Indian inspirations

Belgian brand MY BOB is inspired by people and places. From feather hats to macrame, its colourful embroidered brooches mix innovative designs with artisanal traditions from all over the globe.

The founders’ visits to India uncovered a world of brilliant colours and patterns—but also a treasure trove of craftsmanship, with local masters demonstrating a variety of hand embroidery techniques. 

The company now collaborates with regional Indian workshops, creating embroidered brooch pin designs that show off these elaborate methods: from dimensional French knots to intricate Cathy knots, or incorporating brilliant colour with sparkling beads.

brooch pin - My BOB

Ayala Bar Design

Based in: USA

Signature: Miniature artifacts

Founder Ayala Bar has always been drawn to jewellery as a form of self-expression—”matchmaking” contrasting colours and textures. Her foray into the jewellery world began with ‘miniature artifacts’—Byzantine-era mosaic-like pieces, incorporating unexpected materials such as wood, plaster and fabrics. Her inspiration stemmed from her cultural heritage of Afghanistan and its ornate, richly coloured jewels. 

Textiles from all over the world are now a focal part of the brand’s identity: bold colours and ethnic motifs star in the uniquely designed brooches that combine embroidery with metals and gemstones.

brooch pin - Ayala Bar Design

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