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8 Horse Riding Boot Companies to Spur Your Style

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There’s a noble spirit embedded in the equestrian culture. From the prince on a white horse to the cowboy of the Wild West, the horse rider represents courage, strength, chivalry, and refinement. 

Today, equestrian gear continues to be crafted with utmost care and precision by skilled masters of the trade. The eight labels we list below produce the highest quality horse riding boots with decades of expertise in handmade, custom-tailored service. 

Whether you’re getting ready to practice jumps or simply want to bring a fashionable nod to the sport, these stylish pairs of horse riding boots will have you ready for adventure.



Origins: 1857

Based in: The Netherlands

Highlight: Tested by professional riders

Petrie is a family business that launched over 150 years ago when Jacobus Petrie began creating horse riding boots with exceptional quality standards. 

In a balance between design and function, Petrie’s authentic, timeless styles are still handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in Brummen, Netherlands under the leadership of brothers Gerald, Alwin and Hans-Paul Petrie. 

The process, passed down and refined through generations, involves over 280 steps to create one pair of boots. Each new model is tested in action for functionality and portability by Petrie’s high-profile brand ambassadors. 



Origins: 1860

Based in: Spoleto, Italy

Highlight: Innovative design

Italian brand Tattini boasts over a century of riding heritage, combining its distinctive Italian style with unparalleled quality. 

The company has been manufacturing made-in-Italy equestrian boots, clothing, and riding equipment since 1860. 

Focused on continuous innovation, Tattini is constantly seeking out new materials and technologies,  looking to modernize its artisanal processes without compromising the quality that secured its reputation. 

Stivali Fratelli Fabbri

©Fratelli Fabbri

Origins: 1924

Based in: Rimini, Italy

Highlight: Adaptable boots

The story of Fratelli Fabbri began in 1924 when the first pair of Fabbri horse riding boots was conceived. Nearly a century later, Fabbri’s products are still made using the same artisanal techniques. Each pair of boots is handcrafted individually, using a manufacturing process that takes up to 25 days. 

These boots adapt easily to the rider’s foot and leg for optimal fit and comfort. The company uses only natural materials and leathers with no synthetics or plastic components to ensure breathability and moisture absorption. 

Alberto Fasciani

©Alberto Fasciani ©Margaux Nicolay ©Lucie Dubuis Horsephotographer

Origins: 1950

Based in: Fermo, Italy

Highlight: Traditional artisanship

Alberto Fasciani was founded in 1950 in the Marche region of Italy, an area known for its footwear production. Master craftsmen uphold traditional crafting methods at the company’s workshop in Fermo, perfecting the artisanal skills that underlie the brand’s success. 

Rare, precious leathers such as exotic skins, Cordovan, calfskin, and buffalo give Alberto Fasciani horse riding boots their distinctive richness and luster. The leathers are then worked entirely by hand to achieve the company’s signature finish.

Sergio Grasso

©Sergio Grasso

Origins: 1979

Based in: Verona, Italy

Highlight: Cutting-edge technologies

Since 1979, Sergio Grasso has been paying tribute to horseback riding with its quintessentially Italian equestrian footwear. 

The company’s traditional craftsmanship and masterful touch are at the forefront of the industry with its innovative technologies and cutting-edge techniques. 

A pair of Sergio Grasso horse riding boots begins with master shoemakers cutting the leather shape using laser machinery. Raw materials and hides are carefully selected for quality, with only premium full grain calf leather acceptable to create the quality the company is known for.   


©DeNiro Boot

Origins: 1981

Based in: Lecce, Italy

Highlight: Partners of Italian equestrian federations

DeNiro Boot Company is synonymous with style and quality. Each pair of horse riding boots is handcrafted by artisans at its factory in the South of Italy. 

Official partners of two Italian equestrian federations, the company’s philosophy is exemplified in the story of the one cent coin. 

A rider suffering from poor performance was wearing a pair of DeNiro boots when he felt a strange type of pressure under his foot, forcing him to move differently in order to relieve the sensation.

The movement spurred the horse, leading the rider to regain his confidence and win the race. A few days later, the rider discovered that the cause of the sensation was a one cent coin that became embedded in his boot’s layers of leather. 

Since then, the company has applied the one cent principle to its production approach, paying meticulous attention to each step based on the belief that no detail is too small.



Origins: 1987

Based in: Rome, Italy

Highlight: Custom-tailored approach

Founded in Rome in 1987, Stivaleria Parlanti became a leading manufacturer of custom-made horse riding boots almost immediately after its inception. Thirty years later, it continues to build a bridge between tradition and innovation. 

Sought after by professional riders from all over the world, Parlanti boots begin with premium materials, including rigorously selected Italian leather that goes through a natural tanning process. 

Each pair of boots, whether custom or ready to wear, undergoes tailoring by highly experienced craftsmen. 

Among the brand’s numerous ambassadors are Italy’s Lorenzo De Luca and Stefano Brecciaroli, Sweden’s Irma Karlsson, and England’s Joe Clayton. 


©Ego 7

Origins: Early 2000s

Based in: Treviso, Italy

Highlight: High-tech materials

Accessible exclusivity is the concept behind the youthful and eclectic EGO7 brand identity. 

The functional design of EGO7 horse riding boots is based on their anatomical shape, allowing for freedom of movement and flexibility. 

Each boot is made from E-Tex—a durable and waterproof technical material. At the same time, each component, from the grip sole to adjustable spur holders, is precisely designed to adapt to each rider for maximum performance and durability. 



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