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Personality Shines in FENDI’s Peekaboo ISeeU Petite Campaign

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They pack an eclectic, colorful punch in a cute little package. We’re talking about FENDI’s Peekaboo Petite, the playfully chic bag that has become an icon for the Gen-Z crowd.

Three gorgeous and fearless FENDI ambassadors showcase the bag: singer and actress Cheng Xiao, singer Lui Lingzi, and supermodel You Tianyi.

In a series of three chapters and short films, the dynamic trio stars in the #FendiPeekaboo ISeeU Petite campaign, showing off Peekabo’s unique DNA and FENDI’s impeccable craftsmanship.

Each model infuses her bag with an expression of personal style and character, a statement that speaks to her sense of identity, freedom, and confidence.


Cheng Xiao shows off her feminine side with the Peekaboo in a sweet pastel-pink hue, set with a matching ruffled Strap You shoulder chain. The fun, girly ensemble consists of a white tee and shorts topped with a pale pink jacket and paired with pink and white FENDI Match sneakers for a look that’s both innocent and playful.


Embodying confidence and strength, Liu Lingzi pairs her black Petite with a sleek all-black look. Chiffon sleeves and hemline peek out from underneath a fitted black leather skirt accented with a gold belt and FENDI Master Key earrings in a pairing that lends softness to the edgy style.


You Tianyi embraces an exhilarating sense of freedom with her minimalist-chic white outfit. She complements her white bag with a combo of white shorts, knitted tank, and white denim jacket, with the FENDI First crystal necklace infusing an effortlessly elegant feel.

The distinct styles of these three women represent one of the campaign’s—and FENDI’s—core values: a colorful diversity that brings people together.

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