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Christmas Gift

Magnifissance 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

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Presenting our loved ones with beautifully wrapped gifts is a holiday tradition that celebrates their special roles in our lives. For this holiday issue, we carefully researched unique gifts, each with its own story and significance, to bring joy and beauty to our family and friends. 


Lotus Fibre Scarf with Hand-Embroidered Crane

An embroidered bird graces a scarf woven from rare lotus fibre, derived from lotus gardens by people from the Intha (“sons of the lake”) community in Myanmar. The scarves are then hand-embroidered in Kashmir with a crane motif—a symbol of happiness and eternal youth—beautifully complementing the spiritual symbolism of the lotus flower.  


A Symphony of Light and Music

Sound, scent, and light come together in healing harmony in this five-piece bronze kit, made in Takaoka, Japan, a town known for crafting bronze Bonsho and Orin temple bells for more than 400 years. 

Since ancient times, tower sounds have been associated with places of prayer. Here, the flower stand, incense burner and candle holder become the bells that produce a beautiful tower sound, inducing a state of peace and relaxation. 


Handbag Woven by Colombian Masters

Woven with an intricate pattern known only to skilled artisans in Columbia, this handbag is named “Kaia,” which means “tomorrow” in one of Colombia’s indigeneous communities. The handbag offers not only a unique style statement, but it also reminds us that with every sunset, sunrise, and moonlight, comes an opportunity to reset.


Sacred Woods

Using only botanical ingredients sourced from rare native species in Argentina, this perfume bottle is produced in a limited series. The fragrance uses palo santo, sage, and agarwood to create a charming and calming aroma, while evoking ancient traditions of purifying the spirit to connect with the divine.


A once-in-a-lifetime experience at Ice Caves

Experience gifts don’t get much cooler than this thrilling snowbound adventure. The experience includes a three-night stay in a luxury suite, a game of golf, an ice mixology class, and a curated five-course menu.

Find more beautiful gift ideas in issue 109 of Magnifissance magazine. Order your copy today!

This story is from Magnifissance Issue 109

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